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  • Tribal Grounds

    John & Evan travel to Honduras to explore the Mayan ruins and sample some delicious coffee.

  • Projecting The Cut

    1 season

    In this all new WPSN original series, Jason Johnson, (Pro Knife Thrower tm.) challenges the idea of "Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight." Learn from Jason and his unique art of "Cut Projection." You will learn professional knife throwing technique, how to bring a blade to bear in real world app...

  • Rumors of War

    With war breaking out in Europe and the U.S. scrambling under inflation, supply chain issues, and the threat of a World War, people are scared. This episode stats with a war scene flashback which John is woken up from by his YT video team ready to brainstorm. They talk about potential Russia/Ukra...

  • Home on the Ranger

    After a flashback war story, John moves to the farm with his family. Meanwhile, Evan and the WPS team welcome the Dr. Krankenwagen's Mystery Bag buyer to Atlanta as the antics ensue.

  • Tony Sentmanat

    Diego gets some backstory from Real Life Action Hero Tony Sentmanat while they train on the range with handgun and concealed carry skills.

  • Jedi Master

    John and Shermichael travel to meet a Jedi Master to train them in all things tactical.

  • Deer Camp

    John and Shermichael head to the woods of South Georgia to try their luck at hunting whitetails.

  • When Lawmakers Break The Law: Exclusive Content

    Listen in with John and Dr. Sebastian Gorka when they talk about what happens when lawmakers break the law.

  • Long Range Shooting Vol. 2

    1 season

    Special operations sniper Ryan Cleckner teaches techniques for overcoming wind practical's, environmental effects, and much more in his second volume of Long Range Shooting.

  • War Poet
    2 seasons

    War Poet

    2 seasons

    Journey with John Lovell and Evan Temple as they navigate business, life and shenanigans.