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The John Lovell Show provides insightful commentary on current events, expert training tips, and a good measure of dad jokes. John is the Founder and CEO of the Warrior Poet Society – a values-based community dedicated to physical protection, the pursuit of truth, and living for higher purpose. His message has garnered over 100 million views across social media and streaming platforms. John is a former war veteran and Special Operations soldier, having served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. After his military service, he served as a Christian missionary in Central America full-time. Today he is a video content creator, public speaker, firearms trainer, and homesteader. John lives on a small farm in Georgia with his wife and two sons.

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John Lovell Show
  • Daniel Defense Defends 2A Record | Marty Daniel EXCLUSIVE Interview | JLS EP55

    Episode 55

    John Lovell sits down with Marty Daniel (Founder of Daniel Defense) & Rod Reason (CEO) for a rare peak into the pivotal chat that got Marty into guns, the infamous ATF comment and what Daniel Defense is actually about.

  • My Prediction After Trump’s Conviction | JLS EP54

    Episode 54

    Donald Trump is found guilty on all counts by a New York City courtroom and declared a felon. John Lovell lets loose on the ruling and the terrible realities facing our Republic in the lead-up to the November 2024 election.

  • Are Video Games BAD for you?? Botkin & Lovell Debate 🦾 | JLS EP53

    Episode 53

    John Lovell goes head to head with lifelong gamer Lucas Botkin of T.Rex Arms to discuss the pros and cons of the most powerful entertainment industry ever.

  • All my Heroes had a Death Wish | JLS EP52

    Episode 52

    John Lovell travels abroad and walks in the footsteps of Leonidas, Socrates and the Apostle Paul. What did these men have in common and what's behind John's heroes having a death wish?

    Later in the episode, a subscriber asks John his thoughts on the Population Bust.

  • Commonsense Parenting 101 with John Rosemond | JLS 051

    Episode 51

    John talks with Author John Rosemond the bestselling author of “Parenting by the Book”. This book is John’s #1 recommended book on raising respectful, responsible, and obedient children.

    John Rosemond is an American columnist, public speaker and author on parenting, with 15 books on the subject....

  • Hustle Culture will Destroy your Life | JLS 050

    Episode 50

    John Lovell looks into "hustle culture's" appeal and why it evades the balance all men crave. Also in this episode is a Q&Ambush extravaganza with Questions ranging from Homeschooling to Child Raising.

  • It’s a Global Coup | JLS 049

    Episode 49

    John Lovell is furious that Congress once again betrayed the American people. They happily secure Ukraine's borders but not a dollar for ours. When is the last time they waved American flags rather than foreign flags?

    Also in this episode Ben asks John about different types of Suppressors.

  • Lucas Botkin Discuss Industry Trouble, & Why He Drew His EDC | JLS 048

    Episode 48

    John Lovell sits down with Lucas Botkin of T.Rex Arms for a refreshingly deep dive into the advice he's looking for, which gun industry giant he'd stack zombie bodies with and the steep newlywed learning curve.

  • Travis Haley & John Lovell Discuss Blackwater, and Najaf | JLS 047

    Episode 47

    John Lovell sits down with the incomparable Travis Haley of Haley Strategic to discuss the 20th anniversary Najaf gunfight, leadership conation and where the country's gone wrong.

  • Court gives 2A rights to Illegal Aliens?!? | JLS Ep. 046

    Episode 46

    John Lovell peels back the confusion surrounding a recent Illinois ruling were an undocumented migrant was given gun ownership legal standing under the 2nd Amendment. Should firearm advocates celebrate this as a win for "God given rights" OR is it a step in the wrong direction?

  • "Christ is King" Trends on X!!?? | JLS Ep. 045

    Episode 45

    John Lovell's heart sings when "Christ is King" trends on X! His joy is short lived though as ulterior motives behind the hashtag obfuscate the truth of our Risen Lord.

  • TikTok Ban: A Trojan Horse or National Security Move? | JLS Ep. 044

    Episode 44

    John dives into wether or not the massively popular Chinese owned social media app TikToc should be banned in the US. Is the debate really about protecting Americans or something else entirely???

    Link to Homeschool Convention:

    Also in this episode John an...

  • Emergency Prep on a Budget — suburbia edition | JLS Ep. 043

    Episode 43

    John gives himself a $4,000 budget to prepare for an impending crisis. In this thought experiment, he gives himself some constraints that he lives in suburbia. You may be surprised at some of his priorities.

  • A Leviathan called Google & their pet Gemini | JLS EP042

    Episode 42

    If you control the information, you control the populace. John discusses in this episode how Artificial Intelligence is the biggest weapon of control ever constructed by man. He digs deeper and finds that google, thru their A.I. pet Gemini is erasing our history.

    John also talks about the recent...

  • Answer to GUN CONTROL IS HERE!!! | JLS EP041

    Episode 41

    John Lovell sees the answer to America's current murder epidemic using 4 questions the nation's gun control advocates don't want you knowing or asking.

  • Putin Interview Aftermath & the 51st State | JLS EP040

    Episode 40

    John Lovell puts his finger on the pulse of the Tucker Carlson/Vladimir Putin interview as it relates to the ACTUAL power brokers in the US, what Russia really wants and what could happen next in Ukraine.

    Also, in this episode, John discusses the Super Bowl, Joe Biden's cognitive decline, and Ha...

  • Your Place On The Team | JLS EP039

    Episode 39

    John and Adam James discuss the CVI personality test and how it can help you find your place on the team. Learning to identify how your brain works can help you and others work better as a team.

    In Hot Topics, John and Ben discuss Neuralink, Beheading Satanic Statue, and more.

  • Border Invasion and the Following Collapse | JLS EP038

    Episode 38

    John discusses seven devastating effects the border crisis creates.
    He also reminisces over is time at Shot Show in Vegas last week.

  • Can our Military survive SecDef Lloyd Austin?? | JLS EP037

    Episode 37

    The Secretary of Defense went AWOL from January 1st thru January 4th. This is a major breach in our national security. No one at the top was guarding our nation! Is our Military able to protect us?

  • Epstein was the Tip of the Iceberg | JLS EP036

    Episode 36

    The Epstein list has revealed some names.
    It incriminates some of the world's most powerful leaders.
    But will there ever be justice?

  • Wiser, WE must move FORWARD | JLS EP035

    Episode 35

    John reflects on the victories and lessons learned from 2023.
    He brings new perspectives in how he now views freedom.

  • You're Doing it Wrong | JLS EP034

    Episode 34

    John suggests taking charge of Christmas to make it better. Setting clear rules helps reduce stress and make the season more fun. John talks about what he took away and what his family added in terms of traditions.

    Links for movies mentioned in the episode.
    Chosen Christmas Special - https://www...

  • The Just War of Martyrs & Soldiers | JLS EP033

    Episode 33

    Often history, is displayed wrapped in a box with a nice bow. It's often far more complicated than it appears. John discusses a story where the character had a choice to be a warrior or a martyr. Both outcomes ended in death.

  • Afuera Communists! | JLS 032

    Episode 32

    Javier Milei has just been elected President of Argentina. A win for freedom in Argentina is a win for us as well! There is a global wide movement of resistance against the tyrannical authoritarian control of globalists.