Master's Zone

Master's Zone

8 Episodes

World Champion Muay Thai Fighter Diego De Vera, learns from then spars with some of the greatest fighters of all time.

Master's Zone
  • Grégory Choplin

    Episode 1

    Diego trains with Muay Thai Champion Grégory Choplin as they spar in some of the top training and fighting technics. Grégory gives some insights to his introduction to fighting, and Diego provides his own inspiration.

  • Richie Savage

    Episode 2

    Diego goes into the ring with World Wrestling Champion and MMA Fighter Rickie “Savage” Lewis as Coach and 2X Kickboxing World Champion Asim Zaidi teaches Diego a few things.

  • Shuki Drai

    Episode 3

    Diego learns about lethal fighting tactics from Defense Tactics Expert Shuki Drai as he instructs in blade, stick and knife fighting. Diego also learns to deal with pain…

  • Jorge Elizondo

    Episode 4

    Diego learns about real life defense scenarios from BJJ Black Belt Instructor Jorge Elizondo as they walk through several possible situations the average person could encounter.

  • Roberto Cyborg Abreu

    Episode 5

    BJJ Instructor and 6X World Champion Roberto Cyborg Abreu provides inspiration and training to develop yourself.

  • Jorge Rubio

    Episode 6

    Join World Champion Kickboxer Diego De Vera in the ring as he trains with the renowned Jorge Rubio. Jorge currently trains rising Cuban boxer Hairon Socarras and former Olympic Gold Medalist Luke Campbell.

  • Omar Morales

    Episode 7

    Diego spends time in the gym with UFC Fighter and Champion Kickboxer Omar Morales discussing his background, and his approach to kickboxing. Omar demonstrates his kicking technics.

  • Tony Sentmanat

    Episode 8

    Diego gets some backstory from Real Life Action Hero Tony Sentmanat while they train on the range with handgun and concealed carry skills.