The Edge On Knife Making

The Edge On Knife Making

Join master bladesmith Will Stelter as he gives a firsthand look into the ancient art of knife making.

The Edge On Knife Making
  • Episode 1: Getting the Edge

    Welcome to knife making. Get to know Will and what it takes to master knife making.

  • Episode 2: Tools

    Will Stelter breaks down all the tools you needed to make a world class knife.

  • Episode 3: Materials

    The right materials make all the difference between average and amazing.

  • Episode 4: Design

    Will talks about the importance of design and how it relates to the materials being used. Evan Temple joins Will as a novice knife maker.

  • Episode 5: Stock Removal vs Forging

    Will addresses the hot topic of Stock Removal vs Forging and the benefits of each. Evan continues work on his first knife.

  • Episode 6: Heat Treatment

    Taking your knife from a softened state to a hardened steel. Will helps to take the guess workout of the heat treating process.

  • Episode 7: Knife Grinding

    Now that the blanks are heat treated, it’s time to move into the grinding room to grind in the bevels of the knife.

  • Episode 8: The Handle

    With our knife almost ready to go, it's time to work on the handle. Will chooses a natural canvas micarta and shows us how to get it ready to attach to our blade.

  • Episode 9: The Secondary Bevel

    Will shows us how to add a secondary bevel to the cutting edge of our knife. With many sharpening options available, we see how a trusted belt sander gets the job done.

  • Episode 10: Intro To Forging

    Now that we have a complete knife, Will talks about forging as the next level of knife making.