How do you find a good answer to a complicated question? There’s a process to it. Geoffrey Botkin gets into that process in every question he answers on INQUIRE. So ask away. No big political issue is too big. Or too controversial. No personal issue is too small. If it’s important to you, it’s important. And if you’re wondering about it, so is some other guy. America is entering a period of history requiring men to step up and respond as men, to sort-out hard things as men, and to do hard things as men. So ask hard questions here: [email protected].

Geoffrey Botkin Bio
Relentless cultural warfare. This has marked Geoffrey Botkin’s course of life since his days of owning and operating a political consulting firm in Washington DC. That was back during fall of Gorbachev and the rise of Hillary. Botkin likes serious conflict, and has collected interesting enemies all along the way. And lifelong allies. And unusual adventures.

He has served on the faculty of a seminary in New Zealand, has produced and directed notable public affairs documentaries, and has taken his children with him on these ventures and more, from Africa to Eastern Europe, and from the still-smoking battlegrounds of Waco to the caves of Iwo Jima and the castle fortress of Eger. He has lectured on his historical encounters all over America…and in Vladimir Putin’s hometown.

Botkin and his wife Victoria have been advocates of freedom and home education since the 1970s. They are the parents of Isaac Botkin, David Botkin, Benjamin Botkin, Lucas Botkin, Noah Botkin and their sisters Anna Sofia Botkin and Elizabeth Botkin Thompson.

Botkin and his family live in rural Tennessee, where they continue to learn about the fragility of freedom, the entrepreneurial free market, the importance of local church congregations, and the truth that there is no neutrality in today’s deadly culture wars.

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