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John Lovell Show

"Christ is King" Trends on X!!?? | JLS Ep. 045

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  • TikTok Ban: A Trojan Horse or Nationa...

    John dives into wether or not the massively popular Chinese owned social media app TikToc should be banned in the US. Is the debate really about protecting Americans or something else entirely???

    Link to Homeschool Convention:

    Also in this episode John an...

  • Emergency Prep on a Budget — suburbia...

    John gives himself a $4,000 budget to prepare for an impending crisis. In this thought experiment, he gives himself some constraints that he lives in suburbia. You may be surprised at some of his priorities.

  • A Leviathan called Google & their pet...

    If you control the information, you control the populace. John discusses in this episode how Artificial Intelligence is the biggest weapon of control ever constructed by man. He digs deeper and finds that google, thru their A.I. pet Gemini is erasing our history.

    John also talks about the recent...