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John Lovell Show

Emergency Prep on a Budget — suburbia edition | JLS Ep. 043

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  • A Leviathan called Google & their pet...

    If you control the information, you control the populace. John discusses in this episode how Artificial Intelligence is the biggest weapon of control ever constructed by man. He digs deeper and finds that google, thru their A.I. pet Gemini is erasing our history.

    John also talks about the recent...

  • Answer to GUN CONTROL IS HERE!!! | JL...

    John Lovell sees the answer to America's current murder epidemic using 4 questions the nation's gun control advocates don't want you knowing or asking.

  • Putin Interview Aftermath & the 51st ...

    John Lovell puts his finger on the pulse of the Tucker Carlson/Vladimir Putin interview as it relates to the ACTUAL power brokers in the US, what Russia really wants and what could happen next in Ukraine.

    Also, in this episode, John discusses the Super Bowl, Joe Biden's cognitive decline, and Ha...