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Good Patriot

We take the humor of the American gun culture and make fun videos for our patriotic, 2nd Amendment family. We'd be honored to have you click that "subscribe" button and share our passion for all things faith, family and freedom. There's lots more to come... Welcome to Good Patriot!

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Good Patriot
  • CMMG Banshee 200 Review (2020) - A girl's perspective...

    I know this review seems biased but the Banshee really is my new favorite toy!

    A few more tidbits:
    They start at $1399 but you get what you pay for. Mine is LOADED - the Leupold optic, folding brace adapter from Law Tactical, Cerakote finish and upgraded ambi charging handle are going to bring...

  • Feminazi & Firearms Don't Mix - Hilarious!!!

    Our American feminist thinks she's attending a class on gun control - and she is, just not the kind she expected.

    Like this video?? Check out the same character in this video - you'll love it!

    Please don't forget to S U B S C R I B E and C O M ...

  • Springfield Hellcat vs. Sig P365 - from a GIRL'S point of view

    Alex and Good Patriot break down their views of the Sig P365 compared to the Springfield Hellcat - who comes out on top!?? Watch until the end and enjoy the humor in between...

    S U P P O R T Good Patriot:
    W e b s i t e :​

    Falken Firearms Training: https://www.falken...

  • HOW TO* Avoid Tyrannical Gun Confiscation - Best PRACTICAL Tips!

    You know a video is going to be good if it starts off with a legal disclaimer ;) So here it is:

    *These are only my opinions - I am in no way advocating for anyone to do anything illegal, potentially harmful to themselves or others or violent against a government.