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What The HEALTH Is This

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Two GUN TRUTHS to DESTROY the Gun Control Debate

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  • What The HEALTH Is This

    Why do they make it so easy to make fun of their agendas? I got a little more "involved" in this video to make my point.
    This organization is not well-meaning. Don't let the "we just want to be healthy" message fool you.
    Besides, anything with Lady Gaga in it is a dead give-away that it's globa...

  • My ONE minute take on GUN CONTROL

    First and foremost, before anyone gets sensitive - THIS IS NOT A CALL TO VIOLENCE.
    This is my take on why we should stand firm against gun control that WILL be passed in the coming months and years.
    You discuss how you'd like to proceed with your network of local Patriots.
    In my opinion (and it'...

  • How To Fight Back - Part 2 | Our Army

    This is not a battle we can fight on our own so let's talk about how to set-up our trusted network to go through this new life with.
    If you have more tips for setting up our groups and system, please share in the comments!
    - GP

    To access my "PREPPING SPECIAL" page:
    1. go to my website www.goodpa...