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We take the humor of the American gun culture and make fun videos for our patriotic, 2nd Amendment family. We'd be honored to have you click that "subscribe" button and share our passion for all things faith, family and freedom. There's lots more to come... Welcome to Good Patriot!

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Good Patriot
  • CMMG FourSix 4.6 x 30mm Review - On Point or Pointless?

    What the heck is a 4.6? Let's find out and review CMMG's new caliber on their Banshee platform. As always, this review is loaded with cheesey humor that I unapologetically embrace ;)
    Let me know what you think of the broomstick!
    Thank you to for the test ammo.

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  • The Perfect Gift Guide For Patriots - 2021

    Thanks, everyone! Here are all the LINKS and COUPON CODES:

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    • Good Patriot Merchandise -
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  • Has Society LITERALLY Been BRAINWASHED? YES - and you need to know about this!

    This is one of the most important videos I've done. YES - some have been brainwashed and I'm going to show you how it happened and if there's anything we can do about it before things go very badly. PLEASE SHARE!

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  • What does non-compliance REALLY mean for us? + a pep talk

    Everybody wants mass non compliance until it's time to face "non-compliance" shhhtuff.
    In this video, I break down how to think three steps ahead so massive job losses and supply chain issues don't get the best of us.
    + Pep talk is the last 3+ minutes :)

    Thank you and please support me by buy...

  • Q & A with Good Patriot - real answers to tough questions

    Our first round of Q & A. All the time stamps and links are listed below for reference. Enjoy!
    0:00 - Awesome brain headgear
    0:25 - non-obvious things that you can barter/trade when SHTF
    Bosnian article:
    2:00 - best tips for new shooters

  • FOOD & WATER Prepping - How To Fight Back Part 3_ RATIONS

    Harvest Right Freeze Dryers:
    My Patriot Supply Freeze Dried Food:
    Berkey Water Filters: (code: GoodPatriot5):
    GoodPatriot Support Page: https://www.goodpatrio...

  • Making MEN into WARRIORS - by being better WOMEN

    Don't miss that very last scene ;)
    Accounts for men to check out (and great insight for ladies as well):
    - The Warrior Poet Society on YouTube and network link below
    - Ryan Michler on YouTube and social media
    - Masculine Revival on Instagram

    Say hello on S O C I A L:
    W a r r i o r P o e t S ...

  • DeBlasio's Fries, Lies & Bribes - parody skit!

    Mayor DeBlasio of New York gives us lemons and we make lemonade ;)
    Enjoy this parody of his ridiculous attempt to bribe Americans to get the jabby!

    Also, I mean no disrespect to the deaf community with my sign-language window. I tried my best ;)

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  • Two GUN TRUTHS to DESTROY the Gun Control Debate

    Everything is so complicated so let's simplify one thing: Gun Control
    I break down the two truths you need to know to win any gun control debate.
    History and logic can't be argued with and this is just about the easiest debate, ever.


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  • What The HEALTH Is This

    Why do they make it so easy to make fun of their agendas? I got a little more "involved" in this video to make my point.
    This organization is not well-meaning. Don't let the "we just want to be healthy" message fool you.
    Besides, anything with Lady Gaga in it is a dead give-away that it's globa...

  • My ONE minute take on GUN CONTROL

    First and foremost, before anyone gets sensitive - THIS IS NOT A CALL TO VIOLENCE.
    This is my take on why we should stand firm against gun control that WILL be passed in the coming months and years.
    You discuss how you'd like to proceed with your network of local Patriots.
    In my opinion (and it'...

  • How To Fight Back - Part 2 | Our Army

    This is not a battle we can fight on our own so let's talk about how to set-up our trusted network to go through this new life with.
    If you have more tips for setting up our groups and system, please share in the comments!
    - GP

    To access my "PREPPING SPECIAL" page:
    1. go to my website www.goodpa...

  • Fighting Back | Part 1

    For everyone that asked the question, "HOW DO WE FIGHT BACK?"
    More to come.
    For God & country - GP

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  • Knowing THE PLANS Of Our ENEMIES + Bill Gates video

    When the "powers that be" can't keep their mouths shut we use it to our advantage. In this video, I go through how they announced their past plans and how we can decode the future plans of those trying to destroy the United States and beyond.

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  • The ATF is back at it - Enough Is ENOUGH

    We are at a crossroads - what side of the fence will YOU choose?
    We need you in this fight.
    My hope is that this video gives you courage to speak up and take action against all the infringements on our freedom.
    - GP

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  • Are YOU Supporting ANTI - 2nd Amendment Companies? YES YOU ARE.

    I can take a lot of criticism, but there are two things you don't mess with: my faith and my patriotism. Here's why calling people a "bad patriot" for supporting certain companies or products WILL make you a hypocrite.

    My thoughts on Springfield Armory:
    (I was NOT asked...

  • Gift Guide For PATRIOTS & FREEDOM Lovers - ALL Budgets

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  • CANIK TP9 SFX Review - is it really that great?

    I did this review because as of today, this item IS AVAILABLE online and it's a hidden gem. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • Encouragement For Warriors & Worriers

    I believe the Lord wanted me to tell you, inspired by the story of Esther, to PRAY AND FAST. Let's ask God to bring His Kingdom and righteousness back to the Unites States and the rest of the world, to heal our land and turn our enemies away from their evil ways. Amen!

    Lots of Patriots out there...

  • Your Guide to Buying Body Armor - plus a test & review!

    Never thought I'd buy body armor, but here we are, 2020!

    Ace Link Armor:​
    10% off CODE: GoodPatriot

    I do not have a recommendation for a plate carrier vest because they're all so different as are the plates you choose and your body type.

    Ladies, if you're big busted, ...

  • I've got an Important "TIP" for you - PLEASE watch

    This is BIG. Not using any keywords here so we can keep it up for as long as possible so I’m going to rely on you to spread the word! Thank you for your support and what you do for this country.
    - GP

    Here are relevant links:

    Download the report:

  • "The FALL Bible Study" - some apocalyptic humor!

    Some humor to lighten our apocalyptic mood :)
    The ladies meet for the first bible study of the Fall with some differing opinions about what we're studying.
    Enjoy and please share if you enjoyed the video! - "GP"

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  • Prepping for the possible coming CIVIL WAR

    A practical list on how to prepare for civil unrest and the coming election troubles. They'll do anything not to let him get in so let's be smart and prepare our families and friends in some realistic ways.
    PLEASE SHARE this video & thank you - GP

    Hero Soap Company:

  • Long Live The REPUBLIC - OR ELSE! Is it too late???

    Is it too late to save the Republic of the United States? Maybe.
    I present WHAT the Republic is, WHY it is and how we can take some practical steps in preventing the demise of the greatest Constitution ever written.
    Consider this a "warm up" for what's coming up soon ;)

    C H E C K O U T : www...