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  • A Memorial Day Worthy of the Fallen

    If I was killed in Vietnam, or in one of the World Wars, or any other war, what would I want people doing today in my honor? How would the friends I lost in the Global War on Terrorism want me to honor them?

    Me personally...I'd want them to enjoy.

    To rest.

    To have some fun.

    But I would al...

  • America's First 'War on Terror' .... ...

    Without a knowledge of real history, we have to relearn the same lessons over and over again. We have been dealing with Islamic nations for a very long time (since the creation of the U.S), and the history of how Islamic nations have interacted with other nations goes back to the 7th century. It...

  • Beauty on a SUICIDE MISSION | Madeleine

    Once upon a time, a beautiful, young, Indian princess volunteered to be a spy for England during WWII against the Nazis. She defied all odds, saved lives, and was eventually captured, tortured, and executed. Though she is dead, like other Warrior Poets of the past, she still speaks.

    Her name wa...