Archived History, Politics, & Life Lessons

Archived History, Politics, & Life Lessons

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Archived History, Politics, & Life Lessons
  • How to Disarm America

    As the political climate heats up, John reflects on lessons learned from historical attempts at disarming the populace. The great thing about America, is how our forefathers knew Big Government would try to seize all power, however, that doesn't mean its impossible to strip us of our rights. What...

  • Difference between 'Shooters' and 'Operators'

    Here at the Warrior Poet Society, we stress the importance of being fast and accurate with a firearm. Milliseconds count in life and death situations, but there's so much more you should train and prepare for. Warrior Poet NETWORK -

    In this video, John Lovell stresses t...

  • Why SHE Picked Up a Gun

    A lot of viewers ask us what to do when their spouse or significant other doesn't want anything to do with guns. Who better to answer this question than WOMEN! Yes, Mrs. Poet takes over the YouTube channel to discuss this topic & shoot on the range with some of her girl tribe. Guys, politely ask ...

  • Chest Rig vs Plate Carrier vs Range Belt

    With all the new gun owners out there and everything happening in our city streets, it's no surprise that companies (and Social Influencers) are looking to capitalize on you buying things you don't need. In this video, John focuses on context and how it changes your gear.

  • Get Your LIFE Back!

    John recently visited Colorado and met up with all sorts of folks, including @LLOD Gats And Things and John Eldredge. While out there, a few conversations and a great new book got John thinking about the current sociopolitical climate we all seem to be swimming through. In this video John mention...

  • Redneck Science - Fireballs with Iraqveteran8888

    John and crew went down to visit @Iraqveteran8888 to film an episode for the Warrior Poet Society Network. We brought cameras to get some content for YouTube as well, and what you see here is just a TINY part of the story. Join to get the actual episode and more!


  • 5 Reasons to be PROUD of America

    As we enter into an Independence Day like no other, with riots, looting, protests, and armed occupations... John considers things to be proud of in spite of it all.

    - Warrior Poet WEBSITE -
    - Warrior Poet STORE -

  • The IRONY & TRAGEDY of the George Floyd RIOTS

    The recent riots amidst peaceful protests in major cities all over the United States cannot be something WPS supports. We understand feelings of anger and agree that a major injustice has been done. It is tragic that George Floyd will be forever tied to these acts of hate, vandalism, and theft. I...

  • Police Quitting & What Follows

  • How to Choose the RIGHT Suppressor

    In this video John breaks down several factors related to choosing the right Suppressor (or Silencer). From a warfighters perspective, you'll see a few cans, flash hiders, and compensators on the range fired in total darkness to see how well they reduce muzzle flash.

    Suppressors are LEGAL in the...

  • The Pros & Cons of OFF-BODY CARRY

    People are quick to dismiss the off-body carry of firearms, and in doing so they fail to see the benefits it can bring. Though there are definitely some cons to off-body carry, there are certainly a few pros. John takes a few minutes to share the top pros and cons of off-body concealed carry. The...

  • 3 Types of DANGEROUS Men

    In John's line of work (and especially in his past) he encounters the most dangerous men you'll ever meet. But there are different types of "dangerous". In this video, John address three types he has seen most consistently. There are those who have malicious intent, and their counterparts who hav...

  • 3 Reasons I Ditched My BUG OUT BAG

    Bug out bags seem like a great idea. And in some instances, they are! But if it comes to a total societal meltdown, John thinks they may be a bit naive for many people. Bugging out likely means you're alone, vulnerable, and running on limited resources. John explains 3 reasons why bugging out dur...

  • 7 Surprising Stats on Sexual Assault & Rape

  • Abortion in 100 Years

    Are WE on the Wrong Side of History?

  • All Hangs on the 2nd Amendment

    Importance of the 2nd Ammendment!

  • Be the RENAISSANCE MAN of Lethality

    Former Army Ranger and war veteran John Lovell discusses the importance of being lethal on all fronts, not just with firearms. It is important to build skills in all areas of survival, community, and spirituality. When we forget to develop fully, we grow complacent and eventually pay the price in...

  • Bernie Sanders | A sober look at the Democrat Front Runner

    Bernie Sanders is the democratic front-runner now, heading into Super Tuesday. Sanders, an unapologetic socialist has big plans for change in the United States if he were to beat Donald Trump in the next election. In this video, Warrior Poet Society founders John Lovell and Evan Temple discuss th...

  • Church Security | Step-by-Step Video Guide

    In the wake of terrible active shooter (killer) events in recent history, churches are scrambling to increase security and develop security plans. The difficulty of course lies in HOW to increase church security without it effecting the overall mission of the church.


  • Corona Virus | Preparation & PANIC

    Amidst the quickly spreading fear of the Corona Virus, it can help to get some sobering perspective, and a little calm. People are freaking out. People are panicking. Old ladies are fighting each other in stores over toilet paper. The stress are empty, schools, are closed, and events are being ca...

  • Deadliest Sunday in Texas | Interview

    John interviews Stephen Willeford to do an AAR (After Action Review) of the Sutherland Springs Shooting. Mr. Willeford was the first person to respond to the deadly event and has a lot to say about engaging in an active shooter situation.

    From the things Stephen did correctly to the things he wi...

  • The State of MASCULINITY

  • Why You NEED Boredom

  • Why Military, EMS, & Police RUN on Graveyard Humor