The Tavern

The Tavern

40 Episodes

Join Rick Green of The Patriot Academy as he hosts a discussion about both the history of the United States Constitution and the current application and its significance in today's political and cultural landscape.

The Tavern
  • Is it okay to deconstruct? - The Tavern EP40

    Episode 40

    Alisa Childers joins Rick in the Tavern to discuss what deconstructing faith looks like and how to approach it with so many of our younger generations turning to it.

  • Wars in the libraries - The Tavern EP39

    Episode 39

    Bonnie Wallace joins the Tavern to tell her story of how she stopped pornography from being in her town's public library.

  • Help is on the way! - The Tavern EP38

    Episode 38

    The Tavern is live from the Idaho State Capitol... no mugs to clank, but the Torch is burning brightly in the hearts and minds of a new generation of Patriots as Rick and the Patriot Academy team conduct the Northwest Leadership Academy.

  • Not staying silent in the chaos! - The Tavern EP37

    Episode 37

    Rick is joined in The Tavern by Patriot Pastor Jimmy Pruitt to discuss the reasons he started speaking out against the chaos in our culture and how people from all over the nation are catching the fire of liberty happening in Fredericksburg, Texas and taking it home to start brushfires of liberty...

  • It’s time for citizens to be the boss! - The Tavern EP36

    Episode 36

    Representative Ken Ivory joins Rick in The Tavern to discuss the real time emergency rally cry for citizens to start engaging effective strategies and tactics for a course correction in America.

  • The Beef Initiative - The Tavern EP35

    Episode 35

    Is America facing a purposeful food supply crisis? Texas Slim joins Rick in The Tavern to discuss The Beef Initiative.

  • 2nd Amendment Legal Warriors in the Courts - The Tavern EP34

    Episode 34

    Patriot Academy grad Hannah Hill joins Rick in The Tavern for an update on how the National Foundation for Gun Rights has gone on offense, launching a nationwide legal blitz against the government gun grabbers.

  • Colleges are done! - The Tavern EP33

    Episode 33

    Heidi St. John joins The Tavern to discuss our failing universities, their effect on the next generation, and real alternatives to the chaos.

  • Biblical Masculinity in 2024 - The Tavern EP32

    Episode 32

    Mark Hancock joins the Tavern to discuss why he and his kids left the Boy Scouts organization and why he started a Christian alternative called Trail Life. They also discuss biblical masculinity and what that looks like in 2024.

  • Being sued by the Federal Government - The Tavern EP31

    Episode 32

    Joeylynn Mesaros Joins the Tavern to talk about how she has raised $260,000 to fight the Federal Government in a legal battle, why they are coming after her, and what it looks like when a political party is weaponizing our Federal Courts.

  • Why I Became a Christian - The Tavern EP30

    Episode 30

    Neil Mammen joins The Tavern to talk about his journey of becoming a Christian, and how it resulted in him becoming a student of history and learning about the original values America came from.

  • From Left to Right - The Tavern EP29

    Episode 29

    Siaka Massaquoi joins The Tavern to talk about working with The Babylon Bee, his January 6th trial update, and ultimately losing all of his friends from Hollywood because he thinks the left has gone too far.

  • Convicted for a Hoax - The Tavern EP28

    Episode 28

    Rebecca Lavrenz Joins The Tavern fresh off of getting a guilty verdict in her January 6th trial after peacefully entering the capital for ten minutes. Rick and her talk about the corruptness of our courts and the dirty tactics they use.

  • Erotic Erosion of Society - The Tavern EP27

    Episode 27

    Hollywood star Ricky Shroder joins The Tavern to discuss his reasons behind leaving Hollywood and creating alternate media with family values to combat the degeneracy in modern movies.

  • Humble Warriors - The Tavern EP26

    Episode 26

    Ben Carson stops by The Tavern to talk about his journey, what keeps him motivated, and the hope that he has for the country.

  • Duties of a Christian - The Tavern EP25

    Episode 25

    Kirk Cameron CALLS OUT Christians who are passively waiting for things to get better, as he joins Rick in the Tavern to talk about his new children's show/

  • America's Grandest Propaganda...Jan 6th - The Tavern EP24

    Episode 24

    Rebecca Lavrenz was one of the people in the capital on Jan 6th, 2021. She recounts all the pieces to the puzzle that the mainstream media refuse to talk about and what ultimately convinced her to go in.

  • A Bogus Insurrection - The Tavern EP23

    Episode 23

    Tune in to watch Rick's thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling of Trump being allowed on the ballot, as he analyses it from an in-depth constitutional perspective.

  • Hard Times Make Good Men - The Tavern EP22

    Episode 22

    Executive Director of Patriot Academy Nathan Macias joins Rick in The Tavern to talk about the hard times that made Patriot Academy what it is today and the ongoing operations within the Patriot Academy hemisphere.

  • Comedy & the Constitution - The Tavern EP21

    Episode 21

    God's comic Brad Stine makes a stop at the tavern to talk about global politics, State Politics, Local politics, and the politics at his country club. ALSO, watch a full 40-minute documentary on Brad's experience going through a firearms course with Rick.

  • The Third Crisis - The Tavern EP20

    Episode 20

    Eric Metaxas joins The Tavern to talk with Rick about his film and book, Letters to the American Church. If the church doesn't stand up now, it's equivalent to the churches that didn't stand up in Germany before WW2.

  • Civil War - The Tavern EP19

    Episode 19

    Mark Meckler returns to the Tavern to discuss multiple hot topics like Texas vs the federal government... how Christians should respond to the border crisis... and the deeper implications of who decides who protects the border.

  • Texas vs Federal Government - The Tavern EP18

    Episode 18

    Does Texas have the right to stand up against the federal government? Is the Federal government overstepping? What needs to happen for the border crisis to be fixed? Daniel Horowitz joins Rick in the Tavern to talk about all of it.

  • Schooling The Left - The Tavern EP17

    Episode 17

    John Amanchukwu joins Rick in The Tavern to discuss the VIRAL school board meetings he's attended and the ongoing fight for our kid's future.