Pistol 3

Pistol 3

11 Episodes

This 1 day course is all about moving, shooting, and thinking under stress. Students should be expected to have already gained unconscious competency in their fundamentals of fire and basic skill sets. Topics covered include (but are not limited to): fighting from concealment, one-handed operation, movement, use of cover, integrating hand-to-hand combat, and integrating tactics in order to ‘fight smarter’.

Pistol 3
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    John introduces the Pistol 3 class with an overview of pistol combat training. There is no substitute for force on force training. Let's get started.

  • Warm Up

    Episode 8

    John demonstrates practical skills with cover and concealment with force on force training. Reviewing and warming up with the core skills from Pistol 2 is essential.

  • One Handed Skills (Part 1)

    Episode 2

    John demonstrates the importance of close proximity gun handling skills. Practicing on the range helps to ingrain the fundamentals of one handed shooting. Practice good recoil management. Changing hands is a critical skill to learn.

  • One Handed Skills (Part 2)

    Episode 3

    John demonstrates on the range how to handle the challenges that come with one handed shooting. Learn to deal with emergency reloads with one hand. How to clear stoppages. Tap, rack, and reengage.

  • Shooting While Moving

    Episode 4

    John teaches the proper technics to steady your aim, as you move forward and backward while shooting. Learn how to manage throttle control while on the move. John demonstrates speed and proficiency with the Get Off Me drill.

  • Retention Shooting Position

    Episode 5

    John demonstrates some martial arts concepts with hand-to-hand combat training. Develop a draw stroke for close quarters combat. Use repetition to become proficient.

  • Disarms (Part 1)

    Episode 6

    John holsters the gun and goes hand to hand to disarm a threat. Gun disarms require quick action to beat the threat's reaction. Practice this safely with a partner.

  • Disarms (Part 2)

    Episode 7

    John demonstrates effective technics for disarming an attacker with a blade. Move and redirect. Buy yourself time. Practice this safely with a partner.

  • Switch to U.T.M.

    Episode 9

    John demonstrates the stress and chaos of force on force training. For a safe training environment use U.T.M Safety Audits.

  • Force on Force

    Episode 10

    John demonstrates force on force with scenario based training. Two combatants are placed in live sparring scenarios. Learn to stick to the fundamentals.

  • Closing

    Episode 11

    John provides a recap of the Pistol 3 course and emphasizes the value of Force on Force training.