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John Lovell Show

3 Pieces of Pop Culture That Signal Our Demise | JLS 022

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  • Books That Will Change Your Life | JL...

    Now, more than ever, the importance of reading cannot be stressed enough.  At the same time, we need to be reading the right things.  Author Harrison Kone joins John in studio to discuss life changing books that should be on everyone's reading list. 
    Use this link to find the list on Amazon:

  • The Cost of Courage | JLS 020

    Josh Alexander has been arrested twice in his home country of Canada. What did this hardened criminal do to have this happen? He said that there are two genders and that a male at his school shouldn't use a female's restroom. Then, a few months later, he handed out Bibles at an event.

    Join Jo...

  • Are You Really Free? | JLS 019

    What is freedom? How would you define it? It doesn't mean you're free from suffering or the hardships of life, but more that you live a life where you can't be controlled by someone else. In this episode, John shares the principles you can employ to live as someone who is truly free.