Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1976 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue.

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Gun Owners of America
  • AP Joins Meta's Censorship THEN Validates GOA's Position

    After GOA leads the fight against gun control, the anti-gun media is in cahoots with the anti-gun big tech to silence us...AGAIN. Watch the video to see how they are attempting to silence the most effective gun-rights group.

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  • Upcoming Gun Control Is WORSE Than Just Red Flag Laws

    Republicans and Democrats are actively talking about how to get rid of your gun rights. Take a stand NOW and let them know you staunchly oppose this!

    Send a message to your Senators and Reps here:

    And make sure to call this number twice to send a 1-minut...

  • Big Tech's Newest Lie Against GOA

    The anti-gun leftists who operate big tech firms like Meta (the parent company of Facebook) hate the fact Gun Owners of America knows how to read bills. GOA's federal affairs team discovered a provision in the recently House-passed H.R. 7910 (the Protecting Our Kids Act) which prohibits re-assemb...

  • Good Guy With Gun STOPPED By Uvalde Police

    The media has been suppressing the story of how authorities prevented a good guy with a gun from saving the children at Robb Elementary in Uvalde Texas. Make sure to watch and share so people know that guns weren't the problem, it was an evil murderer and a cowardly police force unwilling to eith...

  • Senators NEGOTIATING Your Rights Away

    Republicans and Democrats are actively talking about how to get rid of your gun right. Take a stand NOW and let them know you staunchly oppose this!

    Send a message to your Senators and Reps here:

    And make sure to call this number twice to send a 1-minute...

  • How ATF’s Illegal Registry Breaks the Law | ATF’s Gun Registry Part 2_5

    Watch episode one of the series here:

    The law is clear: no centralization of records and do not allow them to be searchable. So here’s how the ATF made a centralized and searchable system.

    The fed coming for your guns will know where you live and how man...

  • Man Who Stopped Mass Shooting With AR-15 Weighs in on Buffalo

    Gun Owners of America (GOA) released a statement in response to the shooting in Buffalo, New York, which left ten people dead and three others wounded.

    GOA Spokesperson Stephen Willeford—the armed citizen who engaged and put a stop to the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooter (who was also wearing ...

  • Ted Cruz Forces Senate To Vote Against Insane ATF Rule

    Senator Cruz is forcing all Senators to take a vote on repealing Biden's new ATF rule, which will expand all firearms purchased since 2002 and homemade firearms, into the ATF's illegal database of gun owners. In order to show how big a deal this is to Congress, send them a message by hitting the ...

  • How Gun Control Is Responsible for Genocide

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  • GOA Dominates the News Cycle

    Gun Owners of America's no compromise fight against gun control groups has payed off. When the ATF's new final rule which would add homemade guns to their registry, we went out the gate swinging... and the media noticed. Mainstream news outlets such as Associated Press (AP), Washington Post, ABC,...

  • Gov. DeSantis Commits To Constitutional Carry

  • SCOTUS Hearings Are a Sham

    Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's previous writings on how the justice system is "unfair" to sex predators and her subsequent history of handing down lenient sentences to these dangerous offenders proves that she is willing to push her radical political agenda from the bench. Gun owners should unders...

  • Leaks Show ATF LIED to Persecute Polymer80

    The ATF's anti-gun tactics have no limits. They have tried to classify something as ridiculous as a metal water bottle as a firearm because it could potentially be combined with other items to create a weapon. This time, they are applying the same flawed logic to the Polymer80 frames.

    In this ep...

  • 57 Republicans Are To Blame

    On this episode of Minute Man Moment, Phil explains how VAWA gun control process snuck through Congress in under 48 hours with the help of 57 Republicans. With this, local law enforcement is now essentially deputized by the ATF to enforce unconstitutional, gun-grabbing rules.

    We need your help t...

  • ATF LEAK Secret Solvent Trap Regulations Exposed

    The anti-gun bureaucrats at the ATF are at it again. On Friday, 20 Senators sent a letter to AG Garland and the ATF demanding accountability for their pattern of secret regulations and attempts to criminalize gun owners for possessing LEGAL firearm accessories, like certain triggers or solvent tr...

  • Amir Locke's 2nd & 4th Amendment Rights Were Violated

    In the last few weeks, a lot has been said about the death of Amir Locke. But what can gun rights groups do about it? In this episode of Minute Man Moment, Phil talks about what GOA's consistent opinion has been on no-knock raids, and how we're fighting for gun owners' rights. Specifically, he ta...

  • 11 GOP Join Dems. To SABOTAGE 2A QUIETLY

    Here are the 11 Republicans who are currently making this attack on the 2A possible.

    - Sen. Ernst, Joni [R-IA]
    - Sen. Murkowski, Lisa [R-AK]
    - Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME]
    - Sen. Capito, Shelley Moore [R-WV]
    - Sen. Portman, Rob [R-OH]
    - Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX]
    - Sen. Cramer, Kevin [R-ND]...

  • Big Tech Hides The ATF's Inconvenient Truth

    Back in November, GOA obtained ATF internal documents with details about firearm records being collected and processed at record speeds. Later, working with U.S. Representative Michael Cloud, we got the ATF to ADMIT that they were collecting and processing nearly 1 BILLION firearm records for law...

  • How To Know If A Candidate Is A 2A Warrior Or A Grifter

    Gun owners need to take the passion and wisdom they have on the range to the ballot box. In this episode of Minute Man Moment, Phil talks about what to look for in candidates to ensure that you're voting for real Second Amendment warriors. In the past, notorious gun-grabbers like Beto O'Rourke or...

  • ATF’s NEW Way To Expand Gun Registry

    Gun Owners of America has obtained internal ATF documents revealing the existence of a special task force of agents intent on expanding their billion-record out-of-business gun registry. ATF is using a secret detail of Industry Operations Investigators (IOIs) to enact the Biden Administration's s...

  • ATF LEAK_ Trigger Confiscation (and MORE) Incoming

    BREAKING: ATF is about to launch an assault on triggers it considers machine guns. According to internal ATF emails obtained by GOA, they just gave their field agents the green light to demand Rare Breed's Forced Reset Triggers and BDU's Wide Open Triggers be turned over.

    Not only does this viol...

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