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The HK USP 45

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Muddy Rifle Test. (AK, AR-15, SCAR, FAL etc)

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  • The HK USP 45

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    The HK USP 45 is in my mind one of the most iconic pistols to have ever been designed. Along with other legendary handguns like the 1911, Browning Hi Power, CZ75 and...

  • Do bulletproof masks actually work? B...

    Often worn to look intimidating, but do these bulletproof masks actually work? This is the question we wanted to answer with today's ballistic tests vs 22, 9mm, 45, 44 mag, 12 gauge and 308. The answer is likely what you'd expect but not for the reason you'd expect. In any case these were bought ...

  • The AK-105. The Russian Alpha AK.

    The AK-105 is for me one of the most iconic rifles currently in use by the famed Russian Alpha group. It is the rifle of choice due to its short size but good ballistics. As I explain in the video I believe it was pure providence that the gas tube on the AK-100 series of rifles be at such a lengt...