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  • Testing President Biden's 9mm "blow the lungs out the body" statement

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    President Biden's 9mm "blow your lungs out" statement is an interesting one. I feel compelled to test out such bold statements especially when they don't match up wi...

  • The Legendary 7N6 Poison bullet. How deadly is Russia's Military Ammo?

    How deadly is Russia's Military Ammo? Since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan The Legendary 7N6 Poison bullet has been widely discussed for it's wild and predictable and yet unpredictable flight path once it impacts a target. There are lots of accounts of the performance and wild yawing effects ...

  • Should you use Airsoft for realistic training?

    Should you use Airsoft for training? This is a question that has literally been tearing the community apart since Airsoft came about. In today's video we talk about our recent attendance at Milsim West and what I think of Airsoft as a training tool.


  • The Swiss give us a super tiny PDW, the B&T TP9 _ Steyr TMP

    The B&T TP9 / Steyr TMP is for some reason held in a very fond area of my heart. Perhaps it's Counter Strike, but for whatever reason it is the B&T TP9 is a formidable weapon albeit a very odd one. It has some very odd design choices and many sacrifices were made to make a weapon as small as thi...

  • How strong is this Russian Ballistic Shield? The VANT (LEGENDARY)

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    How strong is this Russian ballistic Shield? The Russian Vant Ballstic shield is the stuff of legends. In many stories this Russian ballistic shield has been able to withstand direct RPG bla...

  • The Strangest 50 CAL Bullpup I have ever fired. The GM-6 Lynx

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    The GM-6 Lynx 50 CAL is one of the most interesting Bullpup .50 BMG rifles that I have ever fired. Compact with manageable recoil it does see...

  • The US Army’s new Service Rifle - The SIG SPEAR _ NGSW XM5

    The SIG SPEAR has been selected as the US Army's new Service rifle. Many people have tons of questions about the SIG SPEAR especially since it’s such a relatively new and in many ways traditional system compared to some of the other competitors in the NGSW. In today’s video we delve into the SIG ...

  • Beginner to Advanced Helmet Setups. Becoming deadly with your gear PT 1

    From beginner to advanced, we explain helmet setups in this video. Helmets are an extremely important aspect of any conflict. We've seen many insane helmet setups recently so we thought we'd make a nice video on some things we've learned over the years. Becoming deadly with your gear takes time a...

  • Springfield Hellion, The Croatian VHS-2 Bullpup Sensation is here

    The Springfield Hellion is finally here, after many years the famed Croatian Bullpup the VHS-2 has arrived. The question is how did Springfield do? Is the Hellion an excellent rifle? Does it perform as it should? How does it stack up against other Bullpup rifles?

    00:00 Springfield Hellion
    3:13 J...

  • Freezing Pistol Test (Desert Eagle, Glock, M&P, CZ, Staccato, 1911)

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    The Freezing Pistol Test. Back to start more internet arguments over whether your pistol can function in arctic environments. This was a very i...

  • Basics of Urban Combat Survival and Assault Pack Setup

    Survival / Recce / Assaulting, we're going hard on these guys and Pt 1 of the Basics of Urban Combat Survival and Assault Pack Setup is the first of a very large series exploring this topic in conjunction with our becoming deadly in the mountains series. We hope you enjoys these topics as they st...

  • The SCAR 16S , Can it compete with high end AR15's?

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    The SCAR-L / SCAR 16S in 5.56 is such an interesting weapon. It came at a time when the M-4's reputation was dubious amongst many in the Military comm...

  • Can a Rifle stop a Bullet and save your life? Bullets vs Gun

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    Can a Rifle (while you're holding it) Stop a bullet and save your life? Basically we're shooting a gun These are questions we ask o...

  • Should you carry a 44 Magnum Revolver? THE BIG IRON

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    The 44 Magnum otherwise known as the BIG IRON is the quintessential hero weapon of our time. However is Magnum power (BIG IRON) truly needed in everyday carry? ...

  • How Far are Shotguns Deadly? BirdShot, Slugs, and 00 Buckshot

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    How far is a Shotgun Deadly? These are the not smart ideas we come up with related to shotguns. I've found myself focused on how deadly shotgun...

  • The Russian SKS, The Soviet gift to the world.

    The SKS is one of the more interesting historical rifles you will ever come across. Although the SKS is very plentiful in America it is quickly gaining in price as good examples begin to run out.

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    The SKS is a well m...

  • Gigachad Mosin-Nagant _ The Worst Mosin-Nagant ever made

    The Mosin-Nagant was produced in massive quantities. Due to both this and their relatively simple manufacture the Mosin-Nagant has been a been a cheap rifle that has fallen to terrible modifications many a time. In today's video I lost a bet to Brandon Herrera and was forced to review this gigach...

  • How strong is this Russian Titanium helmet? The Altyn Helmet

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    This Russian Titanium Helmet is better known as the Altyn. The Altyn Helmet is frequently used among domestic counter terrorism units. In Today's video we test the strength of this Russian titan...

  • The PSA AK-74 is back for REDEMPTION

    The PSA AK-74 returns for round 2. PSA has conducted rigorous testing on my AK-74 and taken seriously the points that I brought up as well as the community that had issues with their first gen AK-74's. My original AK-74 was sent back to PSA and extensive testing was done to see what was causing t...

  • 9mm vs 45 ACP, WE END THE DEBATE. The Human Torso Test.

    9mm vs 45 ACP, the age old debate and the one that we end today. In today's video we utilize a human torso analog for our test.

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  • The Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun. The Italian Stallion is here.

    The Beretta 1301 has already garnered itself a legendary reputation amongst shot-gunners around the world due to it's light weight, excellent ergonomics and speedy cycling of shells. The question is how does it compare to the venerable Benelli M4, a combat shotgun that has proved itself serving a...

  • Muddy Rifle Test. (AK, AR-15, SCAR, FAL etc)

    In today's Muddy Rifle Test we look to determine which rifle will perform best in a muddy environment. The test gets progressively more difficult the further the video goes along. The results definitely surprised us and I hope you will enjoy the content and results we got from this video.


  • The HK USP 45

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    The HK USP 45 is in my mind one of the most iconic pistols to have ever been designed. Along with other legendary handguns like the 1911, Browning Hi Power, CZ75 and...

  • Do bulletproof masks actually work? Ballistic test.

    Often worn to look intimidating, but do these bulletproof masks actually work? This is the question we wanted to answer with today's ballistic tests vs 22, 9mm, 45, 44 mag, 12 gauge and 308. The answer is likely what you'd expect but not for the reason you'd expect. In any case these were bought ...