Disarmed and Dangerous with Kenny Kim

Disarmed and Dangerous with Kenny Kim

2 Seasons

What do you do when you don't have your primary weapon and you are forced to fight with your hands? Don't be left high and dry if such a situation happens in your life! Join Jiu Jitsu expert Kenny Kim on the mat as you learn the basics of this martial art form.

Disarmed and Dangerous with Kenny Kim
  • In Depth Distance Management | S2E1

    Episode 1

    Kenny Kim explains how to spot an aggressive opponent before the fight happens and how to keep yourself safe, even when you’re in the clinch.

  • Clinching An Aggressive Opponent | S2E2

    Episode 2

    Kenny Kim explains how to spot a passive aggressive opponent and the moves that you will need to be able to handle this situation. Plus a bonus move to be able to take more control of the situation.

  • Punch Block Series: Range 1 & 2 | S2E3

    Episode 3

    Going through Range 1 & 2 of how and what to do when an opponent wants to strike. Focusing on how to close the distance when your opponent is in your guard.

  • Punch Block Series: Range 3 & 4 | S2E4

    Episode 4

    Punch block series continue. Range 3 & 4 of the guard position and how to move between ranges.

  • Tackle Defense | S2E5

    Episode 5

    Kenny Kim today is fighting from the standing position and is teaching submissions, controls and strikes, all from the clinch. Also, he teaches about tackle defense and how to remain standing when someone tries to take you down.

  • Taking The Back From Turtle & Rear Naked Choke | S2E6

    Episode 6

    What do you do once you're on the ground with someone in a fight? Kenny teaches how to take control of someone's back, the chokes, joint locks and finishes that you can perform.

  • Submissions From Mount | S2E7

    Kenny Kim teaches you how to perform submissions, joints locks, shoulder locks, and the arm triangle when you have your opponent in the mount position.

  • Submissions From Guard | S2E8

    Episode 8

    What happens when you're in the guard position? Kenny Kim teaches you about submissions from guard. You made a mistake in mount and now you're in guard. Learn how to perform shoulder locks, guillotine and reverse arm lock.

    Submissions from the guard position. Going to guard from the mount posit...

  • Submission From Turtle | S2E9

    Episode 9

    Kenny Kim teaches you attacks from the turtle position like the anaconda choke, dars choke, and Peruvian neck-tie.

  • Submission Glossary | S2E10

    Episode 10

    Disarmed and Dangerous S2- Submission Glossary
    Rear naked choke - Triangle choke - The guillotine - Arm Triangle - The Americana (shoulder lock) - The Kimura