Disarmed and Dangerous with Kenny Kim

Disarmed and Dangerous with Kenny Kim

What do you do when you don't have your primary weapon and you are forced to fight with your hands? Don't be left high and dry if such a situation happens in your life! Join Jiu Jitsu expert Kenny Kim on the mat as you learn the basics of this martial art form.

Disarmed and Dangerous with Kenny Kim
  • Distance Management

    On the first episode of Disarmed and Dangerous, Kenny Kim teaches the importance of distance management, how fights start, and what stance to take to minimize the threat.

  • Clinch

    In episode two, Kenny talks about the clinch. Different variations of the clinch are discussed, as well as its use in a conflict.

  • Tackle Defense

    In the third episode, Kenny picks up the options after the clinch. Keeping yourself off the ground through tackle defense.

  • Standing Headlocks

    Episode four, Kenny highlights standing headlocks, and their controlling ability. Broken into a few categories Kenny deals with the ways to avoid a negative outcome when put in a headlock.

  • Take Downs

    The fight goes to the ground in episode five. Kenny puts the pieces together on how to safely control the position in a take down.

  • Mount Control

    Midway through the training, episode six, Kenny details mount control. The fight is on the ground, what's next? Stay in control.

  • Mount Escape

    Flipping the script, in episode seven, Kenny describes what happens if you’re the guy on the bottom. You’ll learn how to escape the mount and regain control.

  • Mount Escapes Extended

    Continuing mount escapes, episode eight starts with how to keep yourself safe from incoming strikes, and regain control of the engagement.

  • Guard

    In episode nine, Kenny brings us up to speed on the guard position. You’ll learn how to implement the guard, avoid incoming strikes, and reverse the position.

  • Headlocks

    Headlocks on the ground, in episode ten Kenny describes how we got into the headlock, and how to escape them.

  • Side Control

    Expanding on side control, episode eleven, Kenny teaches positioning yourself on the ground.

  • Taking The Back

    In the final lesson, Kenny takes us from the mount position to learn how to take the back when your opponent tries to escape the mount.

  • Outro - Disarmed and Dangerous with Kenny Kim

    This is the final wrap-up to Disarmed and Dangerous.