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  • Pro Knife Thrower Jason Johnson Teaches Warrior Poet Society the Ways of Blade

    Pro Knife Thrower Jason Johnson teaches John and Evan how to throw a knife like a boss.

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  • EDC for remote SURVIVAL Lion Hunting Maasai Warriors

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    WPS visit Maasai Warriors to learn about their Every Day Carry (EDC) for...

  • The Tyranny Test | Are We Still Free?

    In this video, John breaks down the 1st and 2nd Amendment and establishes a Tyranny Test. Is America still free or are we already under the control of Tyrants?

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  • The Apocalypse CHALLENGE!! John vs. Evan vs. James

    The shifting balance of power worldwide has ushered in a worldwide Apocalypse. Watch John, Evan and James use $40 and 15 minutes to shop for their lives in a Walmart Supercenter store. Who will survive and win the challenge? Hint: It is NOT Evan. He was predictably terrible at this.

    Steak Destro...

  • Maasai Weapon Training

    During the Warrior Poet Society Africa Adventure Trip, John and Evan are tested on their use of primitive weapons by Maasai Warriors. Much more from their Africa Adventure trip is coming soon to WPSN!

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  • Winners Announced!! 1 Million Sub Giveaway

    John and Evan celebrate 1 Million Subscribers with the help of our amazing sponsors by giving away lots of prizes.

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  • Army Ranger Gives 5 Hiking Tips YOU DIDN’T KNOW, You Didn't Know

    John gives Five Hiking Tips on a hike up Mount Longgonot and Oloonongot Crater during their 10-Day Adventure to Kenya.

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  • Internet's Most Controversial Gun Guy | James Yeager

    John sits down with James Yeager, the person he credits for getting him started on YouTube. James Yeager was one of the first "Guntubers" on Youtube and suddenly had his channel deleted. He is a firearms instructor and master survivalist.

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  • 4 HACKS to Optimize Range Time.

    John and Paul share 4 hacks to optimize their time at the range.

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    WPSN | Str...

  • I WILL get Canceled... Here is my plan.

    John discusses the inevitability of getting canceled by Big Tech and having to choose between our entertainment and our cultural values. Cancel Culture is destroying lives. This modern form of banishment attacks a person’s digital identity by humiliating and twisting the meaning of someone’s word...

  • 2A Threats & What WE do about them?

    With the looming threat of HR 127, the Biden Gun Control Plan, and huge omnibus bills passing unchecked, the 2nd Amendment is under fire. 🔥 2A SHIRT: https://bit.ly/3rLCOGW​

    In this video, lawyer Adam Kraut with the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) discusses the biggest threats to the natural r...

  • Rifle Range Day - Drills for when Ammo is Scarce

    Ammo is scarce and getting to the range is getting more and more expensive. This video focuses on the most bang for your buck rifle drills. Paul kicks off this video with some range drills for rifle using cover and concealment, different shooting positions, and respecting the limit of advance mak...

  • Range Drills for the Ammo Famine

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    John and Paul, WPS' new Director of Training, discuss their favorite range drills to save ammunition during this shortage. As always, dry fire is top of the list, but movi...

  • China's Global Tactics | Threat Assessment

    John sits down with Dr. Sebastian Gorka to discuss how we should view China on the global stage. A lot is about to change in our nation, and it would be easy to focus on what's easy to see in front of us... but don't fall asleep on China's economic, digital, and territorial chess moves! And there...

  • Time for COURAGE - Not Political Correctness

  • No More Objective TRUTH + Everything is Politics + Who To Trust?

    John Interviews former Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. They cover topics ranging from objective truth, the future of our nation, and the general need for a community of Warrior Poets to bring change that heals our nation.

    WPSN - https://www.watchwpsn....

  • The Most Controversial Topic of All Time

  • Pt.2 Communism vs the American Dream | Bedros Keuilian

    John continues his interview with Bedros Keuilian, getting into the nitty gritty of how to climb out of a life without purpose and find success. This video picks up where the first video left off, answering the question of finding hope in the midst of seeming insurmountable odds.

    Bedros is a tru...

  • Communism vs The American Dream | Bedros Keuilian

    John flew to LA to meet with author, founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, one of the most successful franchises in modern history. During his interview, Bedros got real on his past, his personal growth, and how challenges can make you great or break you... but the choice is always yours.


  • Mob Rule & the Destruction of Everything

    John shares his thoughts on the current climate of the United States from the perspective of public discourse. He cites G.K. Chesterton, George Orwell, and throws in a few of his own concerns and thoughts on the dark days ahead.

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  • John's 2020 Election Prediction

    Ready, set, FREAK OUT! It's 2020 and everyone is mad and super-political.
    Here is a pretty chill reading of the landscape, and my best guess on what's about to happen following this Tuesday's election.

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  • 7 Popular Gun Myths

    John addresses 7 widespread gun myths that leftist politicians tend to bring up around gun control laws and the 2nd Amendment. What's worse, people making policy regarding guns don't even understand what they're talking about. They focus on how "scary" or "dangerous" it is, missing the practicali...

  • Keeping Kids Safe in a Home with Guns

    John Lovell and Mrs. Poet discuss the top 7 tips they have for keeping kids safe in a home with firearms. If you're a new gun owner and you're not thinking about these things, you need to have a realistic approach to balance readiness to defend and assurance guns never get into the hands of your ...

  • How to Disarm America

    As the political climate heats up, John reflects on lessons learned from historical attempts at disarming the populace. The great thing about America, is how our forefathers knew Big Government would try to seize all power, however, that doesn't mean its impossible to strip us of our rights. What...