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I WILL get Canceled... Here is my plan.

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4 HACKS to Optimize Range Time.

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  • I WILL get Canceled... Here is my plan.

    John discusses the inevitability of getting canceled by Big Tech and having to choose between our entertainment and our cultural values. Cancel Culture is destroying lives. This modern form of banishment attacks a person’s digital identity by humiliating and twisting the meaning of someone’s word...

  • 2A Threats & What WE do about them?

    With the looming threat of HR 127, the Biden Gun Control Plan, and huge omnibus bills passing unchecked, the 2nd Amendment is under fire. 🔥 2A SHIRT:​

    In this video, lawyer Adam Kraut with the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) discusses the biggest threats to the natural r...

  • Rifle Range Day - Drills for when Amm...

    Ammo is scarce and getting to the range is getting more and more expensive. This video focuses on the most bang for your buck rifle drills. Paul kicks off this video with some range drills for rifle using cover and concealment, different shooting positions, and respecting the limit of advance mak...