War Poet - Season 2

War Poet - Season 2

War Poet - Season 2
  • Home on the Ranger

    After a flashback war story, John moves to the farm with his family. Meanwhile, Evan and the WPS team welcome the Dr. Krankenwagen's Mystery Bag buyer to Atlanta as the antics ensue.

  • Rumors of War

    With war breaking out in Europe and the U.S. scrambling under inflation, supply chain issues, and the threat of a World War, people are scared. This episode stats with a war scene flashback which John is woken up from by his YT video team ready to brainstorm. They talk about potential Russia/Ukra...

  • Tribal Grounds

    John & Evan travel to Honduras to explore the Mayan ruins and sample some delicious coffee.

  • The BACK 9

    Remembering the past, living in the present, and forging new futures. Some people live in the past and never move on. Some people live entirely in the present — not learning enough from the past and not planning for the future. They end up in places they never planned on going. Some people live i...

  • Better Together

    John and Evan grapple with the high and lows of leadership as they guide Warrior Poet Society forward. Need more space, need more people, and need more rest.

  • Hallowed Ground

    John and Evan take fellow Warrior Poets with them on a World War II tour in Europe.

  • Château De War Poet

    John and Evan explore castles and visit historical sites and make waffles in Europe.

  • The Things We Carry

    The WPS staff have an EDC pocket dump challenge but find they carry more than the stuff in their pockets.