War Poet Adventures

War Poet Adventures

2 Seasons

Join the War Poets as they take you on exciting new trips all around the world!

War Poet Adventures
  • Galilee

    Episode 4

    John & Evan travel to the Holy land with 70+ fellow Warrior Poets.
    They explore the Galilee region of Israel.

  • Deus Vult

    Episode 5

    John & Evan visit ancient battle grounds in Israel. They explore Templar tunnels and climb mountains where ancient Roman battles took place.

  • Via Dolorosa

    Episode 6

    Warrior Poets visit ancient holy sites and journey down the Via Dolorosa (road of suffering) that Jesus walked to the cross in Jerusalem.

  • Poets & The Last Crusade

    Episode 7

    Warrior Poets conclude their journey by visiting the ancient city of Petra. John explores the ruins while Evan tries to find the holy grail.