War Poet

War Poet

2 Seasons

Journey with John Lovell and Evan Temple as they navigate business, life and shenanigans.

War Poet
  • The Gundies

    Episode 1

    John, Evan and the team travel to Las Vegas to attend Shot Show. Meet with industry connections. And attend the Gundie Awards.

  • Redneck Science

    Episode 2

    John and Evan visit Eric and Chad from IV8888. Sometimes the best science is Redneck Science. And it helps to have a 50mm and a canon….

  • "He was the Braveheart"

    Episode 3

    John and Evan gear up to deliver the Humvee to the big winner of the contest. They go on a road trip to Minnesota and all the adventure that entails. Meet Johns dad. Hear the backstory of John's conversion to become a Christ follower.

  • Growing Pains

    Episode 4

    John and Evan take the War Poet team on a camping trip and have some fun tormenting the guys with an array of redneck competitions. John reflects on the experience of a soldier returning from battle, and what it means to be a War Poet.

  • Ranger Games

    Episode 5

    John and Bekah pursue an adoption as John challenges Evan to a game of tactics and skill. The Raid-Off Challenge is showcased with Ranger Games.

  • Señor Silencio

    Episode 6

    Evan plots to get even with John in a game of revenge, as he brings in the big guns to take John down. And John is not happy about it.

  • Last Fight

    John takes Evan to Miami against his will, to experience some epic training with Tony Sentmanat and Diego DeVera. They are both pushed to their mental and physical limits.

  • Johntourage

    John travels to Colorado to meet the author of the book Wild at Heart, John Eldridge. While he is out of town, the girls play at the range. Evan and Mitch visit Blue Alpha.

  • Cliff Hanger

    Episode 9

    John goes on an incredible adventure while the office staff works through ideas on how to end Season 1 of War Poet. It’s all about the cliffhanger.