War Poet

War Poet

2 Seasons

Journey with John Lovell and Evan Temple as they navigate business, life and shenanigans.

War Poet
  • Home on the Ranger

    Episode 10

    After a flashback war story, John moves to the farm with his family. Meanwhile, Evan and the WPS team welcome the Dr. Krankenwagen's Mystery Bag buyer to Atlanta as the antics ensue.

  • Rumors of War

    Episode 11

    With war breaking out in Europe and the U.S. scrambling under inflation, supply chain issues, and the threat of a World War, people are scared. This episode stats with a war scene flashback which John is woken up from by his YT video team ready to brainstorm. They talk about potential Russia/Ukra...

  • Tribal Grounds

    Episode 12

    John & Evan travel to Honduras to explore the Mayan ruins and sample some delicious coffee.

  • The BACK 9

    Episode 13

    Remembering the past, living in the present, and forging new futures. Some people live in the past and never move on. Some people live entirely in the present — not learning enough from the past and not planning for the future. They end up in places they never planned on going. Some people live i...

  • Better Together

    Episode 14

    John and Evan grapple with the high and lows of leadership as they guide Warrior Poet Society forward. Need more space, need more people, and need more rest.

  • Hallowed Ground

    Episode 15

    John and Evan take fellow Warrior Poets with them on a World War II tour in Europe.

  • Château De War Poet

    Episode 16

    John and Evan explore castles and visit historical sites and make waffles in Europe.

  • The Things We Carry

    Episode 17

    The WPS staff have an EDC pocket dump challenge but find they carry more than the stuff in their pockets.

  • GoodKnight, Part 1

    Episode 18

    Season Finale Part 1 of 2. John and Evan travel to Greece to receive a rare honor. Meanwhile at the office, Chad gets serious about monetizing his airbending class.

  • GoodKnight, Part 2

    Episode 19

    Season Finale Part 2 of 2. John and Evan get carried away with their newfound knighthood and purchase suits of medieval armor. At the office, Samples contracts Paul to help instill some order into the office staff.