• 100 Deadly Skills | How to Escape Duct Tape

    Warrior Poet Society

    John and Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and author of 100 Deadly Skills, test the limits of duct tape and talk about the importance of getting "off the X" while staying alive, conscious, and being strategic with your escape plan. Join these guys in Clint's "Creepy Room" for a little lesson in d...

  • 100 Deadly Skills | How To Arm Yourself Abroad

    Warrior Poet Society

    John and Clint Emerson tackle another useful trick from 100 Deadly Skills. This time, it’s red and white and black all over... and can fly (Dad joke). That’s right, newspaper bats! John and Clint explore how to protect yourself while traveling, using everyday items that can be purchased or found ...

  • 100 Deadly Skills : Navy SEAL Clint Emerson

    Warrior Poet Society

    John sits down with retired Navy SEAL and former covert operative Clint Emerson to discuss his books 100 Deadly Skills, Escape the Wolf, and Right Kind of Crazy. Clint and John also discuss cyber security, escaping the most common restraint, improvised weapons, SEALs, and the future of warfare.

  • Field Expedient Surveillance | 100 Deadly Skills

    John and Clint Emerson Discuss commonly used surveillance equipment and what to watch out for while traveling abroad. How can you protect yourself while traveling, being smart about where you leave your things, and what to look for if you have a crazy ex who won’t leave you alone.

    Clint Emerson ...

  • Replay of LIVE Q&A - November 24, 2020


    Behind the Scenes, Updates, Interview of Clint Emerson from 100 Deadly Skills, and a Q&A.