Projecting The Cut

Projecting The Cut

10 Episodes

In this all new WPSN original series, Jason Johnson, (Pro Knife Thrower tm.) challenges the idea of "Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight." Learn from Jason and his unique art of "Cut Projection." You will learn professional knife throwing technique, how to bring a blade to bear in real world applications, and why you should consider carrying a blade.

Projecting The Cut
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    Introducing what you will learn in this Knife Throwing course.

  • Stand Building

    Episode 2

    You want to throw a Knife but first you need a target. This lesson will walk you through how to build your own throwing stand.

  • Knife & Why

    Episode 3

    Choosing the right knife can make all the difference when it comes to throwing it right. Lets take a look
    at what goes in to choosing the right weapon for the job.

  • Footwork & Force

    Episode 4

    Before you can make a devastating throw you gotta know the right form. Your footwork will play a large roll in the force of your throw.

  • Throw Under 10

    Episode 5

    It's time to take aim and let your blade fly. Let's start with short precise moves and get on target.

  • Throwing 10-15

    Episode 6

    Let's move on back and take aim with a throw that's going to keep you at more than an arms length.

  • Throwing 15-20

    Episode 6

    Now we are really getting some distance. Let's make sure you know how to reach your target and make it count.

  • Throwing 20+

    Episode 7

    You're here at the maximum distance of effective knife throw. This ones for all the money.

  • Throwing What Ya Got

    Episode 9

    What happens when you don't have your trusted knife. See how every day items can prove to be a worthy replacement.

  • No Throw

    Episode 10

    Sometimes a throw isn't in the cards. Let's look at how you can still make a deadly mark on your attacker.