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EP2: What Is Education For?

Playing The Game of School

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  • EP 3: Myth Busting

    There are many reasons why not to pursue Home Education…or are there? We’ve all heard, or have said, these common myths: What about socialization? Am I really qualified to teach? How do you determine Grade Level? What about college? How do I adhere to State Standards? How do I know what Curri...

  • EP 4: The Parent Role

    “I’m not a teacher” is one of the major concerns in starting the Home Education journey. The good news - you don’t have to be. As a parent, you are an educator. You lead by example in your home as you continue to pursue an education for yourself. Instead of a task to be completed, education ...

  • EP 5: Prioritizing the How-To's

    Building upon the 4 C’s, Matt break’s down and prioritizes the 5 main components needed in your schedule to create a world class education.

    By changing the schooling mindset, and eliminating the associated fears, we can utilize the following "hacks" to jump start our journey into home education...