New Releases

New Releases

New Releases
  • You're Doing it Wrong | JLS EP34

    John suggests taking charge of Christmas to make it better. Setting clear rules helps reduce stress and make the season more fun. John talks about what he took away and what his family added in terms of traditions.

    Links for movies mentioned in the episode.
    Chosen Christmas Special - https://www...

  • Truth, Justice, & the American Way - The Tavern EP11

    Tonight in the Tavern, Rick calls for a return to the basic American values even our comic books once reflected. Truth. Justice. The American Way. Tonight, that discussion includes Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson talking about how the restoration of the American Way begins with the education of ou...

  • The Just War of Martyrs & Soldiers | JLS 33

    Often history, is displayed wrapped in a box with a nice bow. It's often far more complicated than it appears. John discusses a story where the character had a choice to be a warrior or a martyr. Both outcomes ended in death.

  • Bulletproof Statistics - The Tavern EP10

    Professor John Lott joins Rick in the Tavern as they dissect media bias with statistics, showing the truth behind the headlines. Where facts prevail and myths are shattered, watch for a concise, insightful take on the stories the media isn't telling.

  • Afuera Communists! | JLS 032

    Javier Milei has just been elected President of Argentina. A win for freedom in Argentina is a win for us as well! There is a global wide movement of resistance against the tyrannical authoritarian control of globalists.

  • Unearthing the Roots of Thanksgiving - The Tavern EP09

    Historian Tim Barton joins Rick in The Tavern to talk about restoring truth to history, examining the Pilgrim's peaceful ties with Native Americans and America's Secret Sauce for Exceptionalism. Join us in The Tavern for a thought-provoking exploration of our nation's past and the enduring impact...

  • Pirate Money! - The Tavern EP08

    Pirate Money? What has happened to our economy? Join Rick Green and Kevin Freeman in the Tavern as they discuss the dangers of an economy left unchecked, inflation, and the importance of regaining economic stability.

  • Rage Like A Man | JLS 031

    Doesn't it seem like everyone is quick to snap into rage nowadays? John discusses ways to use anger rather than be used by it.

  • The Panic Buying Trap | JLS 030

    Prepared people are purpose driven. John discusses a calm and smart way to prepare rather than rushing out and buying the wrong items.

  • Give them War | JLS 029

    Since the early years of the United States, the official policy was to not negotiate with terrorists. It came from period when pirates would take our ships and ask for ransom. We learned that if you pay them now, you are incentivizing future attacks. Should that policy change?

  • War in Israel is Just the Beginning | JLS 028

    What does this mean for the world?
    John has seven questions for us to think about and discuss what we should do to prepare.

    Emergency FOOD -

  • Introduction | Chapter 1

    Rifle 3 was designed to be the capstone of our rifle courses, where we round out the most important and functional skill sets
    of the modern rifleman. You will build skills with rifle-to-pistol transitions, shooting while moving, and be introduced to the unconventional shooting position junkyard ...

  • Is America In a Fourth Turning? | EP10

    What is a "Fourth Turning" and is America in the middle of one right now?

    Geoffery Botkin discusses the deadly event an entire nation goes through roughly every 80 years. America has been through numerous ones before. Are we in another one now?