New Releases

  • Competitive Shooting with Shane Coley

    1 season

  • The BACK 9

    Remembering the past, living in the present, and forging new futures. Some people live in the past and never move on. Some people live entirely in the present — not learning enough from the past and not planning for the future. They end up in places they never planned on going. Some people live i...

  • Projecting The Cut

    1 season

    In this all new WPSN original series, Jason Johnson, (Pro Knife Thrower tm.) challenges the idea of "Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight." Learn from Jason and his unique art of "Cut Projection." You will learn professional knife throwing technique, how to bring a blade to bear in real world app...

  • The Project: Building a Modern Day Knight

    From the mind of Bedros Keuilian comes the Modern Day Knight Project: A Navy Seal style, 75 hour, personal development program, that's physically demanding and mentally exhausting to help men become better leaders for their families, businesses, community and their country.

    Bedros is a best-sell...

  • Balance Acquisition with Application of Knowledge

    In this Episode Ryan Michler talks about balancing the acquisition of knowledge and the application of it.

  • Mat Made - Charleston

    Kenny visits Charleston to teach and train at Black Label Martial Arts. While he is there, his longtime friend, Kirt he takes him on a history tour downtown and to eat some incredible shrimp and grits at Acme Lowcountry Kitchen.

    But the real reason Kenny is in Charleston is to hear the incredib...

  • The 4 Golden Rules of Sovereignty

    There is a war being waged on multiple fronts for the control over your life.

  • The Perfect Nighttime Routine

    How to craft a perfect formula for your day? Often the evening routine is being left out.