New Releases

New Releases

New Releases
  • Hot Cup of Freedom - Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode Johnny talks family, unconstitutional infringements, and of course the memes of the week!

  • Guns Out
    2 seasons

    Guns Out

    2 seasons

    John Keys and Shermichael Singleton join forces to create a gun show on network TV. They get canceled and join WPSN.

  • The Edge On Knife Making

    10 items

    Join master bladesmith Will Stelter as he gives a firsthand look into the ancient art of knife making.

  • Chasing American Legends

    6 items

    Chasing American Legends seeks to separate fact from fiction when it comes to great stories from American History. Gather the entire family and enjoy a walk into the past!

  • The Things We Carry

    The WPS staff have an EDC pocket dump challenge but find they carry more than the stuff in their pockets.

  • Competitive Shooting with Shane Coley

    1 season

  • The Perfect Nighttime Routine

    How to craft a perfect formula for your day? Often the evening routine is being left out.

  • Ultimate Bug In & Home Defense

    1 season

    Waiting to prepare in the middle of a crisis is too late. Learn why bugging in is the first response to most problems, and how to prepare for everything from natural disasters to home invasions with this in-depth course from Survival Summit - featuring Army Combat Vet and 6X Naked & Afraid legend...

  • Disarmed and Dangerous with Kenny Kim

    14 items

    What do you do when you don't have your primary weapon and you are forced to fight with your hands? Don't be left high and dry if such a situation happens in your life! Join Jiu Jitsu expert Kenny Kim on the mat as you learn the basics of this martial art form.

  • Projecting The Cut

    1 season

    In this all new WPSN original series, Jason Johnson, (Pro Knife Thrower tm.) challenges the idea of "Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight." Learn from Jason and his unique art of "Cut Projection." You will learn professional knife throwing technique, how to bring a blade to bear in real world app...