New Releases

New Releases

New Releases
  • Not staying silent in the chaos! - The Tavern EP37

    Rick is joined in The Tavern by Patriot Pastor Jimmy Pruitt to discuss the reasons he started speaking out against the chaos in our culture and how people from all over the nation are catching the fire of liberty happening in Fredericksburg, Texas and taking it home to start brushfires of liberty...

  • Hot Cup of Freedom - He's Gonna Lose It!

    We've got Johnny barely holding it together, nonsense in Philly, and AWESOMENESS in Idaho! Let's go!

  • My Prediction After Trump’s Conviction | JLS EP54

    Donald Trump is found guilty on all counts by a New York City courtroom and declared a felon. John Lovell lets loose on the ruling and the terrible realities facing our Republic in the lead-up to the November 2024 election.

  • It’s time for citizens to be the boss! - The Tavern EP36

    Representative Ken Ivory joins Rick in The Tavern to discuss the real time emergency rally cry for citizens to start engaging effective strategies and tactics for a course correction in America.

  • Are Video Games BAD for you?? Botkin & Lovell Debate 🦾 | JLS EP53

    John Lovell goes head to head with lifelong gamer Lucas Botkin of T.Rex Arms to discuss the pros and cons of the most powerful entertainment industry ever.

  • The Beef Initiative - The Tavern EP35

    Is America facing a purposeful food supply crisis? Texas Slim joins Rick in The Tavern to discuss The Beef Initiative.

  • Hot Cup of Freedom - Fabulous!

    Johnny is fired up once again, but does he go too far...or not far enough? Hot Cup of Freedom coming at you from DC, Ohio, the SCOTUS, and more!

  • 2nd Amendment Legal Warriors in the Courts - The Tavern EP34

    Patriot Academy grad Hannah Hill joins Rick in The Tavern for an update on how the National Foundation for Gun Rights has gone on offense, launching a nationwide legal blitz against the government gun grabbers.

  • All my Heroes had a Death Wish | JLS EP52

    John Lovell travels abroad and walks in the footsteps of Leonidas, Socrates and the Apostle Paul. What did these men have in common and what's behind John's heroes having a death wish?

    Later in the episode, a subscriber asks John his thoughts on the Population Bust.

  • Colleges are done! - The Tavern EP33

    Heidi St. John joins The Tavern to discuss our failing universities, their effect on the next generation, and real alternatives to the chaos.

  • Surviving the Toughest Race On Earth

    WPSN follows Jeff Struecker (Ranger Hall of Fame, Black Hawk Down) as he travels to South Africa to compete in the Munga race. Billed as the "Toughest Race on Earth", the Munga is a non-stop, 120-hour mountain bike race, covering 1000 km of South Africa's harshest terrain in the heat of summer.

  • Introduction | Chapter 1

    Rifle 3 was designed to be the capstone of our rifle courses, where we round out the most important and functional skill sets
    of the modern rifleman. You will build skills with rifle-to-pistol transitions, shooting while moving, and be introduced to the unconventional shooting position junkyard ...

  • Is America In a Fourth Turning? | EP10

    What is a "Fourth Turning" and is America in the middle of one right now?

    Geoffery Botkin discusses the deadly event an entire nation goes through roughly every 80 years. America has been through numerous ones before. Are we in another one now?