Long Range Shooting Vol. 1

Long Range Shooting Vol. 1

14 Episodes

Join special operations sniper Ryan Cleckner as he teaches you everything from setting up your rifle, to learning how to properly collect DOPE.

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Long Range Shooting Vol. 1
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    Ryan introduces himself and discusses his background in the military, including his training to become an Army Ranger. Learning how to push yourself to be better is the key to improving your skills.

  • Setting up your Rifle

    Episode 2

    Ryan demonstrates how to mount a scope to a rifle with an emphasis on personalized setup. This helps make you more comfortable and helps you be more effective as a shooter.

  • Fundamentals

    Episode 3

    Ryan explains the key fundamentals to being an effective shooter. Applying the fundamentals of proper trigger control is all about steady consistent pressure on the trigger. Focus on the reticle is a basic skill to refine. And you must have a steady platform to be accurate.

  • Zeroing a Rifle

    Episode 4

    Ryan demonstrates the process of elimination to properly refine your ocular focus and be tuned into your reticle. Bore sighting is fundamental to zeroing your rifle. Adjusting the reticle is all about precision. Fire rifle in a group to use data for adjustments.

  • Angular Measurements

    Episode 5

    Ryan demonstrates the two angular measurement concepts, which are minutes of angle, and mils. Minutes of angle is the older more traditional process. Mils is the newer metric way to setup the angular measurements in your rifle.

  • Trajectory and Ballistics

    Episode 6

    Ryan discusses the various effects on your bullet as it is traveling. Gravity has an effect on your bullet. Wind is another key factor to account for in bullet travel. Environmental effects on your bullet matter as well. Chart your data to know how to adjust.

  • Collecting Dope

    Episode 7

    Ryan explains why collecting your DOPE is so important. DOPE stands for Data On Previous Engagements. Using this reference data will help you be more efficient and effective. Dial it in and write it down for future reference.

  • Wind
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    Ryan discusses the most difficult aspect of long range shooting; wind. There are several variables to consider. Compensating for wind at the range is more than adjusting your windage knob.

  • Alternate Positions

    Episode 9

    Ryan demonstrates the real world positions to use in a variety of situations. The closer you are to the ground the more stable you are. Determine the acceptable hit versus trying to be too precise.

  • How to Improve

    Episode 10

    Ryan discusses the methods for improving your shooting skills. Calling your shots is critical to making real improvements. Dry practicing is a good way to get lots of repetition and is more cost effective than live ammo.

  • Running the Gun

    Episode 11

    Ryan discusses the philosophy of keeping your gun in the fight and staying in your scope. You should be able to load, unload, and operate your gun without taking your eyes off the scope.

  • Common Myths

    Episode 12

    Ryan dispels some of the common myths of long range shooting. Focus on the fundamentals and don't let the other stuff get in the way.

  • Closing

    Episode 13

    Ryan discusses his book the Long Range Shooting Handbook. This book provides the drill down for beginners to become a better shooter.

  • Camo Trick

    Episode 14

    Ryan shows you how to be better at using camo. Learn his most underrated camo trick. Only here, on WPSN.