Long Range Shooting Vol. 2

Long Range Shooting Vol. 2

11 Episodes

Special operations sniper Ryan Cleckner teaches techniques for overcoming wind practical's, environmental effects, and much more in his second volume of Long Range Shooting.

Long Range Shooting Vol. 2
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    Ryan introduces the Long Range Rifle Shooting training Part 2 with an overview of what will be included in the instruction.

  • Collecting Dope Practical

    Episode 2

    Ryan demonstrates the process to collect your data for the shooting environment and setup your rifle to take a long range shot. Compare the data from ballistic software to your own data, then fine tune it yourself.

  • Wind Practical

    Episode 3

    Ryan demonstrates how to read the wind during your setup. Wind holds a lot of variables for the shooter. Every setup is affected differently.

  • The Process

    Episode 4

    Ryan outlines the process he has developed for himself, to setup for a shot. There are multiple options in developing your process. Just make sure it fits you.

  • Shooting at Angles

    Episode 5

    Ryan demonstrates the variations of angles in long range shooting, and how to both measure for the angle, and compensate for them.

  • Range Estimation

    Episode 6

    Ryan demonstrates the range estimation process, and milling a target. He goes through the conversion formulas, and how to get the right data output.

  • Rifle Cant

    Episode 7

    Ryan demonstrates the process to level your rifle and explains the importance of keeping it level and reducing rifle can’t.

  • Environmental Effects

    Episode 8

    Ryan demonstrates the various environmental effects on your shooting situation. Learn to evaluate the conditions and adjust for them.

  • Ballistic Software

    Episode 9

    Ryan discusses the various tools, technology, and resources to help the average shooter become more informed, and become a better shooter. Learn to use tech, but remember it’s just a tool.

  • Common Errors

    Episode 10

    Ryan shares his perspectives on common errors in long range shooting. He provides insights and hacks to help you know how to correct these errors.

  • The Mile Long Target

    Episode 11

    Ryan demonstrates the setup and technics to effectively shoot at a target that is 1 mile away. And he is right on target.