Long Range Shooting Vol. 1

Long Range Shooting Vol. 1

14 Episodes

Join Ryan as he teaches you everything from setting up your rifle, to learning how to properly collect DOPE.

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Long Range Shooting Vol. 1
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    In this Introduction, we hear how Ryan Cleckner became a successful long range shooter and his journey through learning the techniques he will be teaching in this course.

  • Setting up your Rifle

    Episode 2

    While it make take a little time, it is well worth it to set up your rifle to fit you. Ryan takes it step by step on how to set up your rifle properly, so it not only feels more comfortable for you, but helps you shoot better also.

  • Fundamentals


    Ryan dives in on the most important fundamentals and explains in depth why they are so important to focus on in becoming a great longe range shooter.

  • Zeroing a Rifle

    Episode 4

    In this chapter, Ryan walks through step by step on how to zero your rifle so that it fires accurately on target.

  • Angular Measurements

    Episode 5

    Ryan dives deep into how to properly understand angular measurements, as well as understanding how to convert from inches to mils.

  • Trajectory and Ballistics

    Episode 6

    Trajectory and Ballistics can be complicated, but Ryan breaks it down in a way that is easily understandable, while emphasizing it's necessity.

  • Collecting Dope

    Episode 7

    Ryan goes into depth about how to properly collect DOPE to better your shooting and understand all the different elements.

  • Wind
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    Wind can create some problems while shooting long range. Ryan teaches you ways to improve your ability to understand wind and how to keep it from affecting your shooting.

  • Alternate Positions

    Episode 9

    Ryan shows you a few of his most commonly used and favorite alternate positions.

  • How to Improve

    Episode 10

    You've learned a lot so far, but Ryan shares here how you can continue to improve and hone your skills in long range shooting.

  • Running the Gun

    Episode 11

    Get back in the fight! Ryan teaches the importance of being able to run the gun effectively and gives you tips to get there.

  • Common Myths

    Episode 12

    Join Ryan as he shares some of the common myths when it comes to Long Range Shooting and how you can learn from them.

  • Closing

    Episode 13

    Ryan wraps his course by sharing additional ways to learn more through his Amazon bestseller book, Long Range Shooting Handbook.

  • Camo Trick

    Episode 14

    Ryan shows you how to be better at using camo. Learn his most underrated camo trick. Only here, on WPSN.