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BEST Method to Carry Concealed

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Best Gun for Home Defense | Shotgun, AR-15, or Pistol?

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  • BEST Method to Carry Concealed

    In this video I give a simple way to evaluate different concealed carry options that will allow shooters to balance comfort, safety, quick accessibility, and the ability to hide the gun well. There are a lot of different ways to carry concealed and a lot of factors that contribute to a good selec...

  • Be the RENAISSANCE MAN of Lethality

    Former Army Ranger and war veteran John Lovell discusses the importance of being lethal on all fronts, not just with firearms. It is important to build skills in all areas of survival, community, and spirituality. When we forget to develop fully, we grow complacent and eventually pay the price in...

  • Body Transitions Behind Cover

    Gunfighting 101: Body positions behind cover or concealment with tactics and firearms instructor John Lovell. This video shows you how to move your body behind cover while maintaining balance, speed, proper use of angles, and a fluid transition as you vary your use of cover.