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Body Transitions Behind Cover

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Be the RENAISSANCE MAN of Lethality

Archived Tips and Tricks • 7m 9s

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  • Body Transitions Behind Cover

    Gunfighting 101: Body positions behind cover or concealment with tactics and firearms instructor John Lovell. This video shows you how to move your body behind cover while maintaining balance, speed, proper use of angles, and a fluid transition as you vary your use of cover.

  • BREAK IN at My Neighbor’s House!!!

    Today my wife went outside and noticed that the neighbor's front door was wide open even though they were clearly not home. What should a good, armed neighbor do? What would you do? CLEAR!!!! Just kidding. After Mrs. Poet and I made a fun little intro, I talked about what my response was to this ...

  • Can you Learn to Fight on YouTube?

    There is some great information on the Internet for folks interested in self-defense, firearms, tactical training, physical fitness, etc. There is even a greater amount of bad information. How do you know what is good or bad? In this video, I will explore whether you can train on your own, and if...