Archived Tips and Tricks

Archived Tips and Tricks

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Archived Tips and Tricks
  • Top 2 Med Kit Mistakes with DocT

    John sits down with DocT (18 tours, 18Delta, field doc) to discuss the most common mistakes he encounters when he's teaching classes on how to survive a life-changing traumatic experience.


  • Get Home Bag | MAJOR UPDATE

    For the longest time, John packed a load out bag's worth of stuff just in case the sky started falling. Now, it just seems impractical and unnecessary... even if everything went post-apocalyptic. Preppers, go ahead and sound off in the comments with all the things he's missing with his bag. There...

  • TRUCK SETUP | Balancing Life & Preparing for Disaster

    John takes you through his truck setup which covers general preparedness, tactical efficiency, and also #dadlife. It’s important to balance your everyday existence with the possibility of a total collapse of society as we know it.

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  • 4 Worst Home Security Mistakes

    In this video John Lovell discusses good home security habits, criminal behavior, crime statistics, outer security improvements like home alarm systems, security lighting, security cameras, etc.

  • 2 Discipline Hacks that changed my life

    John and the Warrior Poet Society team are gearing up for 2020, and the question of New Years Resolutions and setting goals has been at the forefront of our discussions around the office. In this video, John discusses a couple little tricks to improve your self-discipline while discussing the pit...

  • 100 Deadly Skills | How to Escape Duct Tape

    John and Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and author of 100 Deadly Skills, test the limits of duct tape and talk about the importance of getting "off the X" while staying alive, conscious, and being strategic with your escape plan. Join these guys in Clint's "Creepy Room" for a little lesson in d...

  • 100 Deadly Skills | How To Arm Yourself Abroad

    John and Clint Emerson tackle another useful trick from 100 Deadly Skills. This time, it’s red and white and black all over... and can fly (Dad joke). That’s right, newspaper bats! John and Clint explore how to protect yourself while traveling, using everyday items that can be purchased or found ...

  • Absolute Co-witness vs. Lower 1/3 Sights

    In this video you are seeing a Daniel Defense Mk18 with an Aimpoint T2, Daniel defense micro mount with lower 1/3 spacer, a blue force gear Vicker's sling and a Gemtech suppressor. The front iron sight is a fixed daniel defense and he rear iron sight is by Troy. The light is a Surefire mini Scou...

  • A Good Reason You SHOULD NOT Upgrade Your Gun's Trigger

    Shooters are always looking to improve their speed and accuracy, and there are a couple main ways to attain these improvements: (1) get good training and practice, and/or (2) seek modifications and upgrades. Lighter and shorter triggers are usually easier and faster to shoot, but there are some b...

  • Appendix Carry

    A great option for concealed carry is the appendix carry, however it can be incredibly dangerous without proper training and failing to follow some basic safety guidelines. In this video I discuss why the appendix carry is dangerous, what can go wrong, when a negligent or accidental discharge is ...

  • Are LASERS on Handguns a Good Idea?

    Are lasers on handguns a good idea? Here are some pros and cons so you can decide whether putting a laser on your gun is a good idea for you

  • Army Story: Pushing through Personal Limits

  • Avoiding Attackers | Tips for Women

    There are many videos on women's self-defense techniques on YouTube and most of them are really, REALLY bad. In reality, the best weapon a woman can use against an attacker is the knowledge of how to prevent an attack in the first place, and oftentimes this is easier than many people would imagin...

  • Bail Out Bag | Get Home Bag

  • Best Foods for Emergency Preparedness

    Disasters can strike at any moment, and many Americans fearing natural disasters, economic collapse, EMP attacks, power grid failure,
    societal upheaval, etc., are preparing themselves accordingly. These people are investing in alternate energy sources, water filtration, long-term food storage, m...

  • Best Gun for Home Defense | Shotgun, AR-15, or Pistol?

    Tactics and firearms instructor John Lovell weighs the pros and cons taking the right gun for you and for your family. When picking a gun for home defense, it may be a good idea to select a weapon based off your weakest (newest) shooter. Personally i want a firearm that my wife can effectively em...

  • BEST Method to Carry Concealed

    In this video I give a simple way to evaluate different concealed carry options that will allow shooters to balance comfort, safety, quick accessibility, and the ability to hide the gun well. There are a lot of different ways to carry concealed and a lot of factors that contribute to a good selec...

  • Be the RENAISSANCE MAN of Lethality

    Former Army Ranger and war veteran John Lovell discusses the importance of being lethal on all fronts, not just with firearms. It is important to build skills in all areas of survival, community, and spirituality. When we forget to develop fully, we grow complacent and eventually pay the price in...

  • Body Transitions Behind Cover

    Gunfighting 101: Body positions behind cover or concealment with tactics and firearms instructor John Lovell. This video shows you how to move your body behind cover while maintaining balance, speed, proper use of angles, and a fluid transition as you vary your use of cover.

  • BREAK IN at My Neighbor’s House!!!

    Today my wife went outside and noticed that the neighbor's front door was wide open even though they were clearly not home. What should a good, armed neighbor do? What would you do? CLEAR!!!! Just kidding. After Mrs. Poet and I made a fun little intro, I talked about what my response was to this ...

  • Can you Learn to Fight on YouTube?

    There is some great information on the Internet for folks interested in self-defense, firearms, tactical training, physical fitness, etc. There is even a greater amount of bad information. How do you know what is good or bad? In this video, I will explore whether you can train on your own, and if...

  • Carry Protection & Which One I Chose

  • Church Security Tips & Response to Sutherland Springs, TX

  • Church Security | Step-by-Step Video Guide

    In the wake of terrible active shooter (killer) events in recent history, churches are scrambling to increase security and develop security plans. The difficulty of course lies in HOW to increase church security without it effecting the overall mission of the church.