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Archived Training

  • How to Shoot One-Handed | Goofy Technique that WORKS!

    John has been teaching pistol tactics for years now and has come across every one-handed shooting technique you can think of (even shooting the gun upside down) and he's settled on three not-so-glamorous options he thinks works best. This video highlights one of those techniques in depth and, hon...

  • Intro to Land Navigation TOOLS

    As an Army Ranger, John was taught to love land navigation. In this video he reviews all the basic equipment you would need if your iPhone 11 lost its 5G signal and you found yourself "off the grid" without Bear Grylls or Les Stroud... John plans to offer a class on how to read a map, use a compa...

  • Active Killer Response Options on Trigger Time TV

    This is one of many segements John Lovell the Warrior Poet recorded with Trigger Time TV. You can check these out by watching the Pursuit Channel or by visiting Trigger Time TV's website or YouTube Channel. In this video, John Lovell discussing some different options of what a civilian might due ...

  • THE KNIFE for SIMPLE & BRUTAL Fighting

  • 5 Things Every Citizen Can Do | Worst Case Scenario

    Warrior Poet Society is tired of hearing about bad guys on the news. Things are getting spun all over the place and it's time Warrior Poets everywhere started to be the forces for good they were meant to be. This video highlights a few simple ways in which anyone can help respond to an active sho...

  • 100 Deadly Skills : Navy SEAL Clint Emerson

    John sits down with retired Navy SEAL and former covert operative Clint Emerson to discuss his books 100 Deadly Skills, Escape the Wolf, and Right Kind of Crazy. Clint and John also discuss cyber security, escaping the most common restraint, improvised weapons, SEALs, and the future of warfare.

  • Active Shooter Response | 2 Things EVERYONE Can Do

  • Essential Gear for Long Range Shooting

    John Lovell and Ryan Cleckner discuss essential gear for long range shooting, then they blast some fruit to smithereens from a long way away. They also discuss issues with getting started long range shooting, including "Paralysis Analysis", equipment overload, and fundamentals. They dig into the ...

  • Why 29 Rounds | AR Mags

  • 1 SECRET to a Faster Gun Draw

  • #1 Tip to Keep from Missing

    Pro Tip from tactics and firearms instructor John Lovell. This video helps you learn the biggest reason newer pistol shooters (and likely the vast majority of all shooters) are missing their targets.

  • 2 Simple Tricks to Manage Recoil

    Here are 2 pro tips to help you manage your gun's recoil so that you can shoot faster and more accurately. If you would like to learn how to shoot, and how to defend yourself and loved ones from attack, be sure to stay tuned for upcoming videos and register for in person training.

  • 1 Man Clearing CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE for Civilians & Cops

    If you ever have to defend yourself, it is most likely to be in or around structures. Fights in civilian and law enforcement contexts rarely happen in open fields -- they happen in homes, offices, restaurants, gas stations, etc. It is important we know how to clear rooms if we expect to be good d...

  • AGGRESSION TRAINING for the Warrior Poet

    This is a serious joke of a drill in that it is of course ridiculous, but it is certainly helpful in cultivating the type of aggression needed to survive an attack from an ambushing predator. Bad guys ambush with incredible violence in a fraction of a second, and we must respond in kind if we hop...

  • Army Ranger Teaches Nasty Joint Locks

    Here are 3 joint locks I used in combat. Today we use them on our creative director Evan (insta: warrior_poet_designs.) These joint manipulations are not for hand-to-hand combat, so if you pictured some MMA or Liam Neeson kung fu action moves, remember a soldier gains compliance with guns and not...

  • BIG CHANGE in how you see TRAINING

    For those civilians, cops, and military persons who want to defend themselves and others, it is critical to get good training. Accomplishing this though can be a bit elusive as the next question follows: What type of training do I need. Sadly most simply buy a gun and call it a day. Others still ...


    The OODA Loop was named by Air Force pilot John Boyd to describe the psychological process leading up to an action. The power of this concept is to identify bottlenecks in response times during violent encounters so as to speed up reaction times. OODA loop can also be used to gain a tactical adva...

  • Chub-Jitsu Weapon Retention

    There are many different martial arts - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Aikido, Karate, etc., but no martial art can possibly compare to Chub-Jitsu and Kung Jitsu. These forms of martial arts are not well known, but there are no other systems designed to work weapon retention ...

  • COACHING FIGHTERS with Tony Blauer

    It was a great privilege to meet and hang out with Coach Blauer, a combatives expert, and pioneer in the world of self-defense. Over lunch we talked fighting, life philosophy, family, the gun industry, and more with plenty of Tony's colorful (may or may not be a euphemism) sense of humor. I love...

  • EYE DOMINANCE | How to Diagnose & Fix

    John met up with Kathryn at Governors Gun Club to diagnose her eye dominance issues which have made it difficult for her to aim. It seems Kathryn has an astigmatismand difficult focusing which causes her to see double unless she closes one eye. There are a lot of suggestions on how to fix this… s...

  • FAST Draw | Shooting from Concealment

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  • Funny Range Drill | ADVANCED SHOOTERS

  • Gun Fight Footage + Instructor Commentary