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Archived Product Reviews

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Archived Product Reviews
  • Glock 48 Comparison & Review

    John has been running the War Poet pistol as his EDC of choice since it came out, BUT on office days when John wants to maximize comfort, a smaller gun sometimes finds its way into his EDC. For a long time, the Glock 43, and the Sig 365 were contenders for this backup EDC spot, however the Glock ...

  • Headset OR Helmet Mount | Ops-Core Amp (1)

    John just got ready for his Intro to Long Range Patrol class and couldn’t fail to notice the improvements Ops-Core has made to their AMP Comms system. The gel cup seal, the magnetic induction in-ears, and the interchangeable nature from headset to helmet make it John’s favorite comms system to da...

  • Gear Bag Ep. 2 | Flash Hiders, Clear Mags, Knee Pads, Safety Masks, Radios

    John pulls together a few pieces of kit from his gear bag to do a flash review on each item. Flash hiders, ETS Clear Magazines, Arc'teryx Knee Pads, MIRA Safety Masks, and handheld radios are on the list this episode.

    Don't spend your hard earned money on things that look cool, but may not be wh...

  • War Poet 2.0 Upgrades | Shadow Systems MR920 Platform

    John meets up with Chad, VP of Sales from Shadow Systems, in-studio to discuss the upgrades to the War Poet Pistol platform. Huge improvements have been made in relation to holster and optics compatibility, and a handful of other tweaks that move some hills.

    - Sportsman's Guide | ...

  • 5 Random items from the GEAR BOX | Ep 01

    SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out SimpliSafe here:

    Over the years, John has accrued all sorts of gear around his home and office....

  • Holosun Red Dot Review | The BEST 'Bang-for-the-Buck'

    The Holosun hs515gm red dot optic has found a permanent home on one of the WPS ARs. John has always been fair and loyal – focusing on a sacred trust between WPS and those who follow along – and so it took a little while to fully adopt Holosun Optics as part of the regular kit we promote. But here...

  • NEW Vortex Razor HD 1-10x24 Gen III Optic

    John runs and guns while testing out the Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10x24 low power variable optic. John was already pleased with the Vortex Razor 1-6, but is now even more pleased with the improvements and upgrades made to this impressive optic. Watch to get John's "tasting notes" and to see the ...

  • BEHOLD the OVERLAND BackPack | Hiking. Survival. Bug Out.

    Vertx Overland Pack -

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  • Best Jeans I've Ever Owned

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    ITS Tactical - 10% off with code WARPOET

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  • The Best Knife for Fighting in Confined Spaces

    The BEST KNIFE for entangled fights in confined spaces. Shiv Works founder Craig Douglas walks us throught the features and designs of the Clinch Pick and why this knife is the best around for EDC self defense in confined spaces.

  • CZ P10c | Gun Review

    CZ P10c gun review with Hipster Ben

    Fiocchi -

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    TRAIN with John Lovell - http:/...

  • EDC Belt Comparison

    The 3 Best EDC Belt Options for concealed carry compared:
    (1) Low Profile EDC BELT -
    (2) NexBelt -
    (3) Ares Aegis Belt -

    Holster (axis slim with ulticlips) - Http://

    Warrior Poet Websi...

  • Traveling & Guns | CASE COMPARISON | TSA Approved

    John has used all kinds of cases to travel with his firearms on planes, over seas, across continents. In this video he reviews a few options for you to consider - including Pelican cases, their budget pistol option Vault, and HQ Issue. But before he discusses budget-friendly vs practically-blast...

  • AR-15 Flashlight Comparison Streamlight vs. Surefire

    Flashlight Comparison for AR-15: Streamlight Protac Railmount HL-X vs. Surefire m600 Scout Light

    *Streamlight ProTac Railmount -
    (Select the 1000 lumen version)
    *Surefire Scout Light -

    Guns Blog - https://warriorpoet...

  • AR Pistol Brace Comparison

    John reviews a few pistol braces in his collection while addressing the pros and cons of each. At the top of his list is SB Tactical. If you're wondering why you need one, he briefly discusses the laws regarding rifles and barrel length, as well as what constitutes a buttstock.

    SBa3 abrace (John...

  • Best INEXPENSIVE AR-15s with IV8888

    Top inexpensive AR-15s to get with IV8888 and John Lovell of the Warrior Poet Society. Chad and Eric of the Iraqveteran8888 channel have a habit of torture testing guns to see which hold up the best. I was paricularly excited to get their opinions to this topic because I don't often use the entry...

  • BEST PISTOL SIGHTS for Every Day Carry

    A simple and straightforward explanation of what the best pistol sights for every day defensive carry are.

    Recommended IRON SIGHTS -

    - Warrior Poet WEBSITE -
    - Warrior Poet STORE - https://warriorpoetsoc...

  • BIG REVEAL | the WAR POET Pistol

    For the past year, John and team have worked tirelessly to build the WAR POET 9mm pistol. This pistol, built buy Shadow Systems and powered by Sportsman's Guide, gets you the upgrades that John loves and then some! In this video John walks through a line item breakdown of what each feature would ...

  • Comparing the Aimpoint T1 to the T2 sights | M4 & AR-15

    Comparing the Aimpoint T1 to the T2 sights for the m4 / AR-15 with firearms and tactics instructor John Lovell.

    Recommended Gear -

    Inforce APL flashlight -

    Midwest Rail -

    Folding Stock Adapter - http://amzn...

  • Completed AR-15 on a Budget

    I wanted to try to buy an AR-15 and put all the accessories on it like a sling, red dot sight, BUIS, flashlight, etc and have the total cost come out under $1,000. Many people ask for this when they are buying their 1st rifle, or if money is tight and they need a budget rifle. The Palmetto State ...

  • DIY for Cheap Security Cameras

    Blink Indoor Cameras -

    Blink Outdoor Cameras -

    Early warning tools can be life savers, and now they are not too expensive or too difficult for you to setup yourself. The Blink security cameras have IR features, are wireless, update to a cloud, ha...

  • DIY SimpliSafe Home Security System

    For those who would benefit from an inexpensive and easy 'do it yourself' (DIY) option for security sytsem, here is the Simplisafe alarm system. It has tons of accessories for monitoring windows, doors, smoke detection, carbon monoxide, motion sensors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, and easy...

  • Essential Gear for Long Range Shooting

    John Lovell and Ryan Cleckner discuss essential gear for long range shooting, then they blast some fruit to smithereens from a long way away. They also discuss issues with getting started long range shooting, including "Paralysis Analysis", equipment overload, and fundamentals. They dig into the ...

  • Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag with Tips


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